12 December 2013


We are moving!

After a long hiatus while I bought a new camera, and while life kept getting in the way, the relaunch is finally here... in the form of a brand new home.

Come visit at Magpie Making Do!

Things are still in the "getting up and running" phase, but I'm working hard to get things going as quickly as possible!


28 August 2012

Update on Relaunch

I'm still here, and still have big plans for the relaunch, but there has been an unforeseen complication.

See, I moved this summer. Into a house I share with four of my friends. I have a brand new room to decorate, the house is a bit of a mess due to housing only college boys for several years before I moved in (so there are tons of home-improvement projects I wish to undertake), and the most exciting part of all of this is that I also now have space to sew again.

Progress, right?


However, somewhere along the line in the process of moving 25 years worth of stuff from my parent's house to my new abode, my darling camera decided to go AWOL.

Maybe the layers of dirt that come from a building housing only boys for several years scared it off. Or maybe the idea of no longer having our lovely animals around to photograph was simply too much for it to take... (Or maybe I'm just an idiot and lost it.)

WHATEVER the cause was, the reality of the situation is that I have lots of posts written and prepared to share, but no pictures to go with them. And since photography is kind of the butter to this blog's bread, there's really no going forward until I remedy this camera situation... and with a brand new rent bill to pay, that may take a couple weeks as I scrimp and save and penny pinch.

So stay tuned. This is still happening.


14 July 2012

Instagram Catch-up

Just a quick catch up care of Instagram for Android. I've got lots of exciting stuff to come as I begin to fully overhaul Lunaticraft, so stay tuned.

- l.c.

24 April 2012

Popping In...

Just popping in to give a quick update and let the blogosphere know I'm still around. School has been crazy crazy, and I've been swamped with grading for the past few weeks. This will be the fourth semester I'm doing this, but I still can't seem to find a way to grade term papers that does not take almost 45 minutes per paper. And with over 100 of them to get through, needless to say I've been busy.

I suppose it's my own fault for assigning it in the first place, though, so c'est la vie!

When I get too burned out from reading, I have been keeping my hands busy with a project... a ripple blanket.

It's just Red Heart yarn, since anything intended for blanket use needs to be super washable in my house. I'm about halfway through the "pattern" that I created with a stripe generator I found online (about 4 years ago now) and it's big enough to cover my legs and tuck under my feet while I'm working on it.

I am also still working on those improvements to the blog, including new features, book reviews, cleaning up the archives, and overall getting this thing to a more active place. Unfortunately though, the way things are going, it seems like those updates aren't going to be able to be put into action until summer hits. Planning and organizing and drafting are going at a snail's pace due to my eight thousand other commitments. But I haven't forgot about it!

For now, though, back to the grading marathon!


P.S. - I am so not a fan of the new blogger look/functionality.

22 March 2012

First Eggs!

The weekend of parade day, I also had the opportunity to spend a few days dogsitting for my aunt and uncle. They have three of the sweetest, most amiable puppers... probably on this planet.

They also happen to live next to my grandmother, and they share a fenced in back yard. So since we were blessed with a number of beautiful spring days that week, my grandmother and I spent a lot of time sitting on her covered porch, drinking tea and coffee, and watching the dogs run around and chase birds.

Well, the big dachshund doesn't really "run" persay. More like waddle. <3

But also during that time, we got some eggs done!

My grandmother started up making pysanky shortly after my mother and I dragged out the old supplies after a long break. But unlike our household, she's continued to do it every year since.

So she had all her dyes and supplies, and had already finished a dozen by the time I started dogsitting. So while we were porch sitting and dog-watching, we worked on a few.

I freehanded three eggs while I was there, all non-traditional, and all only two color due to time constraints. The purple one above, I simply am not a fan of, but I like the color. It took me a little bit to get the hang of being able to predict how the finished product will look... I kept connecting my wax where I probably shouldn't have, and as a result have WAY too much white.

However, the following two, I learned my lesson. Using the decoupaged eggs I found on Pinterest as inspiration, I did two navy and white eggs that in the end I really like.

I only have a preview photo for now... they're still sitting at my grandmother's house waiting to be varnished. But I'm pretty pleased with my first attempts for the year... Now I've just got to get around to buying new dyes for our house!


15 March 2012

Parade Day Passage

Another fabulous parade day has come and gone, as always hosted by a dear friend who's apartment is worthy of (and actually has been in the past) featured on the best kind of antique collector home and garden television show.

The spread and the decorations are always done up beyond anything imaginable. Orange, green, and white streamers interspersed with fascinating vintage trinkets and various collectibles that he has somehow unearthed over the years.

Even the turn of the century pedal organ was adorned with a green boa and Irish flags.

And of course, nothing says "Parade Day in Scranton done properly" quite like five bottles of Jameson on a silver platter.

As usual, it was a get together worthy of the ages. Everyone made it out safe and sound (if a little hungover), and none of those delightful antiques were injured in the process.

And as the party died down and we watched time tick by on that great art deco clock, we couldn't help but count ourselves among the most fortunate to have been able to party so hard, among such good friends, in such great surroundings.

Here's to another successful Scranton Parade Day!


05 March 2012

Resurrection of Musical Mondays

In my effort to post more often, I feel like it's about time I brought back an old weekly feature: Musical Mondays. My original intention with this feature was to share a little smattering of what I've been so privileged to come in contact with in my 20 or so years heavily involved in music, both little known and old favorites alike.

And with St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, I feel it's only appropriate to start off with some great Irish Folk music.

For those unfamiliar with Northeastern Pennsylvania, you may not be aware of exactly what a big deal it is. Particularly in Scranton, where I spend most of my time, St. Patty's day is the ultimate holiday. It's a multi-week long celebration, with it's pinnacle happening the Saturday before the 17th. We know it only as "Parade Day." We don't even need to specify which parade, it's that big a deal.

Parade Day is basically Christmas in Scranton. And there are few songs which are basically considered the "Parade Day Carols". So the next two Musical Mondays will share just a few of my favorites.

First up, is Whiskey in the Jar, this version performed by the Dubliners.

And here's another Parade Day favorite, The Mermaid.

And our last selection for this Musical Monday is the Wild Rover. Simply a great tune.

I'll be back next monday with a few more selections for the Post-Parade Day wind down, and depending what kind of shenanigans I get into, possibly a Parade Day recap!