15 December 2006

I seem to have a snowflake preoccupation...

So after a disastrous (possibly) voice jury this afternoon, I needed some serious distraction to keep my mind from obsessing over it. So I was quite the little productive, slightly obsessive-compulsive, stressed out quasi-music major for the rest of the afternoon.

The large majority of the afternoon was spent knitting/crocheting Christmas presents which I cannot post here until the holiday is over. Although I cannot even imagine what twist of fate would bring the planned recipients to a) fall upon this blog, as I really doubt that they are the blog-frequenting types, and b) actually recognize that I am who I am (although this one is more likely, since they are for the most part aware of my comic, and silly me linked it here).

However, they are indeed internet-capable people, so pictures of that stuff is a no-go for now.

unfortunately, gone are the days where my callouses from playing cello protected my hands from yarn-burn, so after about three or so hours I had to put down the hook. Well, that and my floormates began to get concerned for my sanity and dragged me to dinner in an attempt to stop my craft binge. It didn't work.

So I dragged out my beading supplies and puttered around the interweb looking for something quick and easy to make. Instant gratification was my goal, since I couldn't find any chocolate.

Well apparently today was my lucky craft day, because I stumbled onto this sweet little tutorial for beaded snowflakes. They're quick, and easy, and once you get the hang of it, instantly satisfying.

If, back in the day, you ever made one of those neon pony bead lizards that were all the rage back in like, fifth grade (or approx 10 or so years ago... Wow, has it really been that long?) you already have all the skills needed to make these little sparkling thingies.

They took me about 30 minutes each, and I found them to be a fantastic use of all those spare beads that I don't have enough of to make any real jewelry out of, but obviously like too much to just get rid of.

The gold and sliver ones are made entirely out of glass e beads, and I plan on including them as part of my grandmother's Christmas present, since they match her tree (I can post that here because she refuses to become internet capable. Or even own a computer. Which is a pity, because I really think she'd enjoy it.).

I don't know what I'm going to do with the green one. Unfortunately with that one, the green beads are quite heavy, and I sort of overestimated the strength of the wire I was using, so it droops a little when hung... Poor sad snowflake...

And the one with the maroonish/purple beads, I'm totally keeping for myself. It's so cute.

The ornament hangers are made out of copper-filled craft wire I had left over from teaching myself wire-work back in the days before I was confident enough to use real sterling silver wire in my jewelry. I can honestly say that I think they were the toughest part of this whole project. The wire is so much softer than the sterling silver I'm now used to, so I kept over bending and screwing it up beyond belief. Oh well. Lesson learned. Don't use left over cheap-ass wire.


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