03 December 2006

It's Christmas Time!

I discovered a nifty little link yesterday which has directions for a 3-D paper snowflake. So since my roomate and I haven't yet begun decorating for the holidays, and I have tons of free time after handing in my huge research paper, I had to give it a shot.

Mine is nowhere near as perfect as the one in the tutorial, but it will make a perfect centerpiece for our dorm door! It only took me about ten minutes, using 6 sheets of computer paper, a pair of scissors, about 10 staples and some office tape, and the result is awesome.

The tutorial is very well written and well explained, and the pictures are so clear that I probably could have figured out if the text wasn't there. All in all, a five star project for when you have a few minutes and want a bit of a holiday craft fix. Check it out!

3D Snowflake on Wikihow


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