03 December 2006

Knotty Knits!

I taught myself to knit!!! It's simple, it's vaguely crude, and it's got a knot or two knitted into it because I got too frustrated to figure out how to untie it, but it's pretty damn thrilling to see my first knitted piece come to life (Sort of)!

It's Double Strands of Caron Simply Soft in just a repetitive garter stitch (is that what it's called?), and it's going to become someone's Christmas present, who won't know it's theirs until they receive it. But don't worry. The knitting won't be the main focus of it... Nobody's getting crappily knitted swatches for Christmas.

It's a little smaller than a piece of computer paper at the moment. All in all, though I like the fact that I can now sort of count knitting among my list of skills, I don't really like it that much and don't feel that I will be utilizing it much in the future. It works up muuucccchhhh slower than Crochet does, and the addition of that second needle just screws me up. I guess it's like math: some people just naturally get geometry, and some people just naturally get algebraic math; some people can just naturally knit, and some people are just natural crocheters.

I never really struggled with even the tougher stuff in crochet, but the simplest stuff in knitting just throws me for a loop. Once all the Christmas crafting is over and done with, I'm going to keep plugging away at this whole learning to knit thing, just in case it clicks one day, but odds are I'm just not going to have the patience to knit up any sort of serious projects, even if one day I am able to acquire the skills to be able to do so.


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