28 October 2006

Welcome and explanation

Welcome to Lunaticraft! (Title subject to change)

I'm not really sure what direction I am going to take this blog in as of yet, but I do know that at very least, it's main function will be to have somewhere to showcase my crafty successes and failures, and the sometimes harrowing processes that resulted in their creation.

What is still left up in the air is whether I am going to utilize this as more than that, posting handy links to cool crafty-type things, or even my own personal rants from time to time.

Well, I'm just going to wing it, and we will find out!

I've started by posting pictures of some of the nicer things I have thus far made....(scroll down). Maybe it'll give me some good karma to start out with and I won't have so many craft disasters in the future.

Well, enjoy the ride and all the pretty pictures!



John Stamos, Made for my roommate's Birthday.

Maria Callas, the great opera singer

Shiny Things (Jewelry)

Well, these need less explanation, so get ready... (I apologize for the crappy quality of some of the pictures. These are all older, and when photographed for my records, I didn't really take too much care in making it look good)

This necklace was made for a renaissance dinner our chamber orchestra played at. We were required to wear costumes (yeah. Okay. Just TRY playing cello in a hoop skirt.) and mine had gold trim all over it (I was lucky. Mine was actually really pretty.) So I whipped this up to match.

Previous Sewing Projects

Here's a little taste of my sewing thus far. I have primarily been making bags, because I'm easily distracted, and sewing projects that can be completed in one sitting simply work better for me. I have a whole ton of sewing projects sitting around half finished in my basement downstairs, and I hope that over thanksgiving break I will get to finish those all so I have more than purses on this thing.

Ready... Get set... GOOO!!!

This purse is one of the first ones I made, It is just a simple jordy bag, but I like it. I still use it to this day, even though I am well aware I can create something a little less simple.

This is it with all my crap from senior year of high school in it (see how old it is?) so you can see size.

Alrighty, Next on the plate....

This is my first foray into applique and totebagdom. All in all, not bad for a first try.

Among bags like these, I also do Tee-shirt reconstructions and have about 4 of those at home, half finished. Also, I have 3 totes (one with hand applied applique) waiting to be lined, and 2 normal purses in progress at home.

Next Up... Jewelry!