26 February 2007

Apartments, Afghans, and Way Too Many 16th century British Plays

I occurred to me earlier, that I do not have pictures of the afghan polygons on here. So, even though my craftiness has come to almost a complete halt until I get home for spring break on Friday, I get to post pretty pictures here.
So, here you have it. These are some of the polygons I made last year, and since my yarn stash is limited, the few I've finished so far don't really look much different color-wise. The bottom picture displays it next to my old cell phone with the tacky-ass cover for size reference.
The pattern is from "Women's Day Crochet Showcase" an old, yellowed book I found stashed with two other afghan books in my garage between some sort of guide to home improvement and books of strange mathematical equations my Dad has from work years and years ago. So either my father is a closet crocheter, or my mom's old books got mixed in somehow. I highly doubt the former.
But anyway, the page with the copyright date has since gone missing, but judging from the people in the pictures, the pictures were taken in the mid-to-late 70's. So I'm assuming the copyright date is from the same time, 1980 at the latest. There are some REALLY neat afghan patterns in there, but some of the clothes... WOOOOWEEEE... truly hideous. There's actually a pattern in there for a 100% crochet wedding dress... WEDDING DRESS. With POPCORN STITCHES ALL OVER IT. Weeeiiirrrd. At least for my "raised in the 90's" brain.

But yes, anyhow, I have done absolutely nothing as per being crafty outside of these afghan squares, and even then I only managed to get two done (one with the exact color scheme as the one next to my old cell, and one with pink flower and teal contrast border). But I get to go home for spring break on Friday, and will be re-united with all my crafty supplies. So hopefully I'll get some stuff done, because my roomie has been waiting for her Christmas prezzie long enough.

I've been pretty bogged down with work and British Literature is turning out to be one big bust of a class. I was so looking forward to it... and it just turned out to be a huge disappointment, as well as a huge pain in my ass. Very sad. I've been writing paper after paper about 16th and 17th century plays (none of which happen to be Shakespeare, the whole reason I wanted to take the class in the first place), and it's really been dragging on me.

I got a little bit of a pick me up today though. We picked our housing for next year, and thanks to my advanced standing, we managed to secure ourselves a one-bedroom apartment on campus for next year. Mucho exciting, because this means I can bring my sewing machine and more than 3 skeins of yarn. AND we get a couch. A real couch. So I get to make all sorts of awesome stuff to decorate with, slipcovers, pillows and whatnot.

My roomie and I are PUMPED.


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