18 March 2007

My hands are stained black...

Well, between spring break and multiple more papers, I've been a busy busy girl the past two weeks or so. I've had a myriad of readings assigned for this weekend as well, so unfortunately I haven't gotten any really crafty things accomplished, with the exception of about 2 1/2 inches of a scarf in preparation for next gift giving cold season.

This weekend, I did take enough time out from homework to give my new nib/ink pens a whirl, as seen in the photo above. What have I learned from the process? Let's make a list:

1) Well, first of all, I should ALWAYS scan the pencil sketch before inking, in the likely event that I screw up with the pen. Which I always do. For some reason my sketches are always so much better looking than my finished product.

2) My hands are not steady at all. Like, at all. Even without coffee, they're all jittery and don't want to stay still.

3) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drag your hand along on the page when you're working with liquid ink flowing from a tip. Actually, on second thought, don't let your hand even TOUCH the page before all the ink is dry.

4) Trying not to let your my hand touch the page makes my hand infinitely more unsteady without anything to rest it on.

5) India ink is a bitch to get off table-tops. And hands.

6) White out doesn't really cover your mistakes too well, due to the fact that it is in fact, a different shade of white from the page. How is that possible? White is white. A total absence of all color. There can't be shades of white. So in fact, white out is not white at all. More like, ivory.

In other news, I think spring may finally be on it's way to springing here in the Pitts. I hope anyway. Although for most of this week it was almost sixty degrees, and then on Friday, it decided to snow again, so who knows what the great gods of Pittsburgh weather have in store for us in the future.

I really am pretty positive I have a twinge of seasonal affectation disorder or whatever it's called. I always feel so much better and more positive when the sun is out and it's not 2 degrees. I love transferring my homework to the floor and laying in a patch of sunlight as I do it. It's so cheering and relaxing. And I frankly cannot wait until it's warm enough for me to sit at the outside tables at the Starbucks in the union and do work. With a Frappachino. That will be simply delightful.

So today is a pretty cheery day for the most part. I found the photo of the roses on my camera as I was loading pictures off of it, and that made me smile as well. My camera actually took an accurate picture! Although if I recall it was less the camera, and more me refusing to give up until I got the picture I desired. So it's more raw human perseverance than miracle. I seriously must have taken over 150 pictures in my attempt to get the shot above. Damn camera. And it's not like it's a cheap one either. Just obviously not meant for real photography.

Those are the roses my family sent me for Aria night back in February, by the way.

School itself hasn't been too awful the past week. I got sick towards the end of the week, and actually ended up not staying for my fiction class on Friday, opting instead to just hand in my short story and go back to bed... at 2 in the afternoon. Yea, I'm a slug. But I was a sick slug, so give me a break. On the bright side, I felt a bit better after that nap and was able to make it to my friend's recital, who is an awesome colouratura mezzo-soprano and simply adorable. I was glad I was able to make it, because she did a fantastic job!

I've also been working on trudging through Milton's Paradise Lost little by little this weekend... Our Brit. Lit. teacher hasn't been much help so far, and until Monday, we're all pretty much on our own in going through it.

I must say, I think I'm doing a pretty bang-up job of it considering I'm totally without guidance. I'm comprehending the majority of it, which makes me feel pretty damn good about myself. Especially since the Norton Anthology has a very weird way of picking what they footnote and what they don't. They tend to footnote things that I already know... and not footnote things that are obviously head-scratchers.

Maybe I just have a completely different base of knowledge than everyone else in the world.

I'm still probably going to go check out Sparknotes.com later tonight though, just to further reinforce things, as well as to verify that I actually AM comprehending what I think I'm comprehending. You know, overachieving as usual.

The sad thing is that I can almost guarantee that most of the class won't even have read so much as the title of it when we walk into class on Monday. And as a result, our teacher will just yammer on the whole class, and those of us who DID read won't get an opportunity to add anything or say anything or delve deeper into anything.

Sad, really.

Genghis seems to agree.


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