20 August 2007

Apartments and Chicken Soup

Well, we moved all my junk into our apartment in the Pitts this weekend, and though I really am not looking forward to going back to school, I must admit, our apartment is going to be really rather homey and cute. The apartment came furnished, so the couch, the armchair, the coffee table, the end table, and the desks were provided, but anything that's not wood with a black metal finish was an addition of mine after basically emptying my room at home, and one marathon trip to the Ikea in Robinson.

We're still missing my roomie's stuff, because she won't move in until this coming weekend, but the apartment is quite spacey, so I don't think we'll have any trouble making everything work together. We'll probably even have to make another trip to Ikea in order to fill the empty space in.

I am especially fond of what's going to be the most darling little workspace I've ever had in my life. I finally have enough space to have my sewing machine with me at school, and the desks are built perfectly to act as a combination sewing/craft/schoolwork/computer space. I have a laptop, so that can be neatly stored away on the slide-out shelf that's ment for a desktop keyboard, and my sewing machine will sit nicely in the corner there when it's not in use. My sewing kit fits flawlessly in the medium sized black stacking square from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the bookshelf will provide perfect storage space for projects and, well... books.

I'm really rather psyched about that. The apartment is so spacious and bright! And once we get our rug in there and add some more lighting, even on the dreariest Pittsburgh days it will be cheery. It was already gross out there this weekend, and it did not affect me nearly as much as it usually does because the wall to wall windows let in what little light there is, and the airyness of the room makes it far less claustrophobic than every dorm room we've lived in so far when the bad weather hits.

All the same, as awesome as this next year is going to be, I really am looking to moving back there this coming weekend very hesitantly. I'm not really sure I'm ready for this year. I KNOW I'm not ready to be a fully functioning adult, and graduating certianly comes with that expectation. So I have very mixed feelings about going back, and that fact has been dragging me down since I returned home for the last week after moving all my stuff in. I really love this little ranch house my parents have spent the last 25 years setting up... and I really love the room I spent the last 15 years changing and customizing until I finally got it the way I like it. I don't think I'm ready to leave it permanently yet... But at the same time, I'm pumped to see my friends and my roomie again, and live in this great apartment. Very confusing.

The rain and general disgustingness of the weather outside today is not really helping with this glum, introspective mood of mine either. Although watching the rain fall into the pool while I make chicken soup does help. My mom showed me how to make her Semi-cheaters chicken soup today, because the real Chicken Soup recipe she taught me so long ago isn't very conducive to University life with a mini-stove in the tiny kitchenette.

So here's the recipe.

Lunaticraft's Mum's Semi-Cheater Chicken Soup

1 pkg frozen chicken
Garlic (to taste - we use 3 cloves)
Three boxes/large cans Swanson Chicken Broth

Firstly, wash the soup pot.
Add package of frozen chicken, defrosting recommended but is not necessary, just make sure all the packaging is removed.
Pour three boxes/cans of broth into pot and add water (about 3/4 Chicken broth, 1/4 water, but it's certainly not an exact science).
Slice garlic and add to pot.
Sprinkle some parsley (again, to taste).
Put stove on a medium setting and let cook for about an hour. Check and stir ever so often, and if you see the soup coming to a true boil, turn the head down.
After about an hour, slice up the carrots, scallions, and celery (after cleaning them of course) and add to pot. Add Salt and pepper if desired. We add some pepper and let everyone salt their own.
Let Simmer for another hour, hour and a half, make some noodles of your choice, and Enjoy!

Not an exact science or recipe, but it's hard to really screw up.


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SuperDiz™ said...

I like the couch. and the pillows on it. the green table is a nice touch, and the soup is making me hungry.