27 August 2007

Booooo, classes. YAY COFFEE!

I don't have long, but I thought I'd quickly check in. I have so much to talk about, and so much swimming in my head, that I just need to take 10 minutes and write about apartments, and coffee, and sandwiches... Things that have nothing whatsoever to do with schedules, classes, or responsibility.

Our apartment is almost totally set up, and looking fab. BUT, no pictures, because again, it's ALMOST done. AKA boxes and other junk are still strewn across the floor. Hopefully we'll have that done before we go home for Labor Day on Friday.

I just made myself the best poached egg sandwich EVER. Apparently the trick is to a) under-poach the egg just a little, so that the yolk is the consistancy of an overcooked fried egg (somewhere halfway between liquid and solid), and b) sprinkle some teryaki sauce on the bread before putting on the egg. We haven't had a chance to buy any sandwich cheese yet, so I was at a loss for what else to put on it besides the egg and the bread. So I closed my eyes, reached into the fridge, and came out with the teryaki sauce. It was surprisingly delicious.

And lastly, though I do so love the early morning, I forgot how hard it actually is for me to live through without coffee. I still have to clean my coffee maker, so I had to wait until I got a chance to run to the campus Starbucks to get my coffee today. So I was coffeeless from 7 this morning until maybe 9:45... Bad news. I really must clean my coffee maker tonight.

Anyway, must book it out to class.


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