29 August 2007

Grip, tap, sip, gush...

So has anyone seen the latest Heineken commertial with the green dancing robot lady? Apparently this thing is making all sorts or ruckus online becasue it's sexist boardering on mysogonistic or whatever, but feminism isn't really my bag of tea, so I don't give a shit. I love it. Seriously.

I do have a special little soft spot in my heart for techno/electronic music along those lines though. The song in the commertial reminds me of that band from way back when, Eiffel 65. Their CD, Europop was the very first CD that I bought using my own money. Funny how memories stick with you like that. I remember so vividly sneaking away from my mom in F.Y.E. (which back then was still The Wall with their little lifetime guarentee stickers on each CD) to go and find the shiny plastic wrapped new CD. I paid with one dollar bills. The clerk was this sweet girl who asked me if I had earned the money myself, and I answered her so proudly!

"Yes!" I exclaimed. She probably thought I was like 6... I was a runt of a child.

I thought I was such big shit after buying that. I remember thinking I was so grown up! Because that's what makes teenagers real teenagers apparently. They buy CDs and listen to Hit music. And I was like 10 at the time... So close to teenageness!

If only things really were like my little idealist mind pictured things. Being a Teenager sucked. And little ten or eleven year old me stood there in The Wall, clutching that CD, willing time to move faster...

And now, I wish time wouldn't move at all.


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iepoch said...

This entry captures the concepts of childhood and fleeting time beautifully.