24 August 2007

My Childhood...

Was apparently much more brutal than I remember. Or at least the songs from it were. I was playing with this nifty new playlist thing I've got going on under the soundtrack area on the right side (check it out!) and I, on a whim, searched for "The Cat Came Back" by Fred Penner, having just finished being nastolgic about childhood with my little brother.

DAMN the lyrics are far more violent than I certianly remember.

Shotguns, and deaths by mutilation... dammmmnnnn.

Check out the lyrics HERE

Or just listen in my nifty little thing, thanks to my discovery of it in a DevArt friend's blog.

In other news, I'm busy here enjoying my last night at home, chillin on the couch watchin Futurama with my Dad and bro while my bro screws around with the acoustic guitar and Rusalka alternates between chasing my beloved Tabby cat or chewing on the Bone we gave her so she'll stop biting our toes.

I'm not looking forward to being in Pittsburgh again, nor am I looking forward to classes and work and miserable weather... or the whole 300 or so miles away from family, home, and the town I so appreciate now. But I am looking forward to seeing my roomie again, and setting up our apartment tommorrow afternoon and night. It should be fun. And for when classes actually start, and it's not so much fun anymore, I bought myself a myriad of things to keep my mind occupied, including only my all time favorite movie and Shakespere play all rolled into one amazing thing featuring a beautiful Kate Winslet, and a confusingly appealing, if a bit old for the role, Kenneth Branaugh.

I also bought some trashy super quick reads of the CSI: Maimi varitey, my own personal guilty pleasure books.

I also picked up some fabric, some solid colors for a very large, super secret project for the holiday season (It's going to be so totally awesome!), and I made two spectacularly lucky finds in the remnant bin at Joann's.

So, as much as I wish the summer wasn't over, I've got enough to keep my mind occupied in my spare time between my friends, my trashy novels, and my DVD, at least until my boyfriend picks me up so we can go home for Labor Day.

I probably will dissappear from this thing for a few days as I travel and get our apartment set up, so for all those going back to school, or leaving for the first time, best of luck.


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