28 August 2007

Headphones Help...

So today was like the perfect day weather-wise here in the Pitts. My classes were not good, with the exception of my poetry workshop. I have a critical issues class that I'm certianly going to learn a lot in, but the amount of work is going to be ludacris (yup, like the rapper, because I can't spell). Not to mention 9:25 am is not exactly a fantastic time for me to be critically anyalizing anything. Or at least in a way that doesn't involve massive amounts of profanity and unneccessary cruelty. And fun as that may be, I don't think it'll do wonders for my grade. My travel writing class is going to be fine, it was just that by today I was so sick of going over syllabi that I twitched through the whole thing.

Look at that blue sky! Today wasn't bad, surprisingly. I decided today that this whole University thing is WAY better with my headphones in. You know, one of the guys who was on the trip to China with us always had at least one of his earbuds in, almost at all times except for meals. Me and my best friend asked him one night on the way back to the hotel on the bus why he did that, and he replied, "I like having a soundtrack to my life" (Or at least something very similar. It was a while ago). I didn't scoff or anything, but I didn't quite get it. But now I do, albeit for different reasons. I figured out today that if my headphones are in, with the music blaring, I can pretend that the gaggle of bleached blonde girls with their Louis Vuitton purses walking in front of me are actually having an intense debate over Sarte or Shakespeare instead of discusssing where where to get the liquor for this weekend. It sort of makes it seem like University life is what I used to think it was. Intellegent conversations, scholarly activities everywhere...

I've also decided that that place I used to picture when I thought about university, with scholars everywhere sipping coffee and discussing liturature and politics with ferver and intellegence at all hours doesn't actually exist in real life. Just in my idealized world.

I don't have apartment pictures yet, since it's really not going to be done until after our trips home Labor Day weekend to get supplies such as photos, adheasives, and other such little things we forgot that we need to finish it. However, I did make something crafty for it. I just can't hang them yet.

So I took these items...

And turned them into.... THIS:

I think they're cute, and they'll bring out the accent colors in my quilt (they will be on the wall above my bed).


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