26 September 2007


Not having suffered from one in a while, I have completely forgotten how brutal caffeine headaches can be. For the past two days, I have been convinced that I had a migraine. I had been "blessed" by a similar little bugger last Thursday, so when I developed the same kind of splitting headache early yesterday, I wrote it off as another migraine. When I woke up this morning with the same headache, I began to get a little concerned, since when you type in persistent headache in the Web-MD search engine, the very first search result is usually something like "FATAL BRAIN TUMOR." But then I wandered into my kitchen and saw my poor little coffee machine sitting on the counter looking sad, alone, and unused. Seriously, within 5 minutes of taking my first sip, the headache is almost completely gone. I'm still sort of in shock over the fact that I didn't have any coffee at all yesterday. I woke up very late due to an alarm malfunction, and had to speed out of the apartment. Then, by the time I got back from class and working out, I had to be out the door in order to go see Marriage of Figaro with my ladies.

The Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh is putting on the opera at the Byham Theatre all this week. Albeit, it's in English, which seemed appalling to us after having just performed the thing in its original Italian a few months ago, but it was a good time. And most importantly, FREE. We managed to secure comp tickets through our teacher and some other people who were in the pit orchestra. Overall, they did a wonderful job, and I must admit, were probably a lot funnier than we were. I think it's just inherently funnier in English due to the liberal "translations" that they did. All in all, it was definitely filled with a lot more obvious innuendo than the original Italian is. The stage was a lot bigger, so they had more room to work with as per staging, too, so I'm sure that helped as well. Marcellina and Don Basilio were frickin' hilarious, Cherubino was very funny as well, and the Count was delightfully extreme in every way. Including threatening the Countess with a riding crop and fencing sabre. Though it added beautifully to the Count's character, my friends and I agreed that our Count would have had entirely too much fun with that.

Between the four of us, we had our former Barbarina (Me), Susanna, The Countess, and Cherubino, and we all couldn't really get over how strange it was to hear other people singing our roles for the first time since we did it. And in English no less... But it brought back a lot of good (and not so good, but funny) memories for us and overall served for a great night.

I'll have some art and crafting done in the next few days if all goes as planned, so be prepared!

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