29 September 2007

Operation Afghan: Phase One, Complete.

Well, it's been a long and stressful week here at Lunaticraft. School made things challenging, and up until today, I was kind of feeling like all progress in ALL of my personal undertakings had come to a complete halt. But then, this morning, I finished up another crochet flower, reached for my next yellow center and realized something: There were no more flower centers. How totally satisfying! I have finally compleated phase one of my afghan goal for this semester! After I finished doing a little happy dance in my living room (thank goodness my roomate wasn't there to see that embarrassment!), I pulled myself together and got the above photo of all the flowers together.

Then, I busied myself by beginning phase two. I decided to do the orange flowers first, since halloween is fast approaching (and by fast, I of course mean more than a month away), and until I finish phase three, the orange flowers will look particularly Halloweenie. I figure, that because the likelyhood is that I will be traveling on Halloween this year, I should celebrate it now any way I can! So that's the photo above.

Below, we have a scarf I had started a long time ago, and only recently picked up again. I need to finish it soon, since to my name I have but one set of knitting needles, which I will soon need for the production of a Christmas prezzie. Why I am putting myself through the hell of knitting instead of crocheting, I don't know. I think I am just convinced that one of these days it will click and not be so terribly hard for me. The yarn is Bernat's Soft Boucle in a mossy sort of green (I have misplaced the wrapper with the actual color name on it). A word of advice: It's very hard to work with. At least for me, anyway. I mean, my knitting skills are not that great as it is, but I am at least to the point where I can knit a scarf and have it actually be an even rectangle. This yarn doesn't seem to want to let me keep my tension very consistant though, something I'm sure you can notice in the varying widths of this small swatch of the scarf.

Later on this weekend, hopefully I will have more to show you, and maybe something a little more exciting to talk about (although I, myself am quite excited over all this). I also put up a few newly edited photos from China on my DeviantArt page, so if you are interested, head on over.


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