05 September 2007

Spot the Craft!

I've been swamped like crazy with back to school stuff, and I went home for labor day which didn't really help. Although I had a wonderful weekend and road trip with the fella, not having that first weekend to get ahead in homework and finish setting things up in the living space did complicate things for this week just a tad.

So yesterday I had kind of a mental break down from reading too much Herman Melville and took some pictures of the result of my summer crochet-wise. Just a whole bunch of flowers that will become flower polygons for that afghan I started three years ago now. The flower part is my least favorite part, so I set myself a goal of getting 50 flowers done before I let myself start adding the black yarn, which is the REALLY satisfying part of it.

Lots and lots of brightly colored flowers! It made me less desperate after reading Melville's Benito Cereno four times and still not getting the drift.

I just cannot get past Melville's verbal diarrhea. I can't do it. And it's really frustrating, because my Critical Issues teacher explained the whole plot to me, and frankly, it's AWESOME... but I just can't get it out of the book.

I hate long winded 19th century writers. I really do. They can take the coolest plot and jumble it up into something truly unenjoyable.

On the bright side, the fella stayed in Pittsburgh for a few hours after driving me back from home and we got to go out for dinner for the first time in a long time. The end of summer just got so hectic and away from us... We sort of forgot how to be a real couple. But we finally got ourselves out for dinner, even if we were still in our sweats from the road trip back. There's this great little Irish pub that has some of the best burgers around down at the Southside Works, so we chilled there for a while and enjoyed our burgers. I think it's called McCladdaugh's Irish Pub. Don't quote me on that though. I'm too lazy to go look it up.

It really is quite strange to be back here. And it's even stranger to think that it's my last year. It brings up incredibly mixed feelings... But I really shouldn't talk about that. My best friend and I sat at Starbucks last night and talked about morbid, depressing things for like two full hours last night, so I think I've reached my morbid and depressing thing quota for the week.

So instead I leave you with....


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