24 September 2007

Thread, CNN, and Mirrors

Well, my weekend wasn't half as productive as it should have been considering the amount of work I have on my plate at the moment. However, some good did come of it, because when I wasn't laying like a lifeless lump on the couch watching reruns of the various CSIs, I did get some crafty stuff done in an attempt to avoid doing all the homework on my plate. So in that respect, as unproductive as it was, the weekend was at least relaxing.

I embroidered (see the photo above) something that I won't tell what it is, because I do intend for it to become a Christmas present for someone. I crocheted more flower centers for the afghan. I painted fun little mirrors from IKEA to match the throw pillows for our couch (also from IKEA). So I did get a lot done this weekend, even if it wasn't stuff I necessarily needed to get done.

Saturday intself started off pretty relaxing. There's nothing better than starting off a morning with Herodotus, Coffee, CNN, and cinnimon oatmeal. FYI, I have no idea who that guy on the TV is. The sports cast was on while I busied myself with my camera. I spent the majority of the rest of the day painting the mirrors you see below. I may still add some background details to them, but overall I'm pretty happy. They'll look quite delicious over our couch.

Speaking of my camera, it's long overdue for a good name, as is my new computer. Any suggestions?

Sunday was markedly less relaxing and craftily productive, due to the fact that I spent the majority of the afternoon making note cards for my Criminal Justice class. Color coded, maticulously planned note cards orginized by chapter, section, and then alphabetically.

Oops... My OCD is showing.

It's strange now, knowing how overboard I go with my studying and planning to study, to think about my study habits in high school. Or to be more accurate, my lack of study habits. I really didn't do a single thing outside of the classroom with the exception of the occasional paper. YET, somehow I still pulled through with a 97.2 GPA. I'm not sure if that's a testiment to my intellegence or an indication of how lax the majority of my high school teachers were. Honestly, through the entirety of my highschool career, there were only three classes that were really a challenge for me. My junior and senior year English classes (taught by the same, super awesome teacher), and my Sophomore Honors Biology class, and even for those, I rarely had to crack a book to do anything but the required readings for English.

It amazes me how I managed to pull through, and I also wonder how the hell I got from there to here with my color coded alphabitized index cards. I have no idea what kicked that switch into gear. I also have no idea if it actually makes a difference, or if my obsessive compulsive note card making and note rewriting is more of a time wasting tactic than a study tactic. Maybe I should conduct an experiment to find that out...

And in closing... BUDDHA GENGHIS!


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iepoch said...

In regards to naming, my laptop is named HAL9160 in honor of HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Perhaps a similar figure that fascinates you (human or not) might be a good method of finding just the right name. Something that reminds you of the usefulness of the object. HAL was an incredibly efficient, yet later confused, entity. I like to think that my computer allows me incredible possibility and I also mirror that confusion in some ways as well. Good luck.