11 October 2007

Cleveland, Sushi, and Midterms

Well, I meant to make this post upwards of three days ago now, but it's midterm time, and life exploded into a bazillion pieces on me. It is not unusual this time of the year. I should have expected it.

So I sit back now, with my cup of coffee and look back on this weekend, which was spent in Cleveland. Not much to tell, as we only spent about 20 hours total there, but we did go to this wonderful little restaurant called Sushi Rock, where we got the fastest service I have ever experienced in a restaurant. The sushi was excellent, and the miso soup was different, but very good.

There were a few things I wish I had gotten photos of, but we drove, so things simply went by the window too fast. Not that I would have taken my camera out if we were walking anyway though. I don't know why, but that city scares me a little. I find this bizarre, because I have never been scared walking around in NYC, which is technically a much bigger city and far more stereotypically "scary." I think it might be the gloom that rolls out from over the lake (Erie). It's somehow more foreboding than our silly little river gloom here in Pittsburgh. The boy assures me that it's not gloomy like that all the time, but I've never been out there when it's not. Maybe next time.

Speaking of gloom, the clouds are hanging particularly low today. I feel like if I went up a few floors and stuck my hand out a window, I'd return with a handful of cloud (which I imagine to be the consistency of Cotton Candy, because life is more fun when the clouds are made of fluffy sugar).

I'm finally mostly done with midterms, and only have one largish project hanging over my head now. Wait, make that two, but I don't really count the HTML web page as a largish project, since it's the basic stuff I've known how to do for years. Although if you look at my assorted sites here, you wouldn't notice it. Mainly because I'm too lazy to sit and work through the coding to change the site's template to my liking.

Besides, someone worked really hard on those templates. Why put them to waste?

I've finally finished and put away Herodotus' Histories. I must admit, through my two separate readings of it (I read it once, and totally managed to miss the answers to the questions I had to answer for class, so I had to go back and start all over again) I did thoroughly enjoy it. I suspect I would have enjoyed it far more if I had decided to read it on my own, and did not have the pressures of school hanging over my head. So now, I'm moving on to Mark Twain, Plutarch (again... I've forgotten it all already), and The Old Patagonian Express who's author is escaping me at the moment.

Gloom and school hell aside, driving back into the city this Sunday after just seeing Cleveland's skyline did remind me how awesome our skyline is. One of the best I've seen in person, I admit.

Although Shanghai's got it beat, hands down.

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