24 October 2007

Dreary Day, Dreary Mood

Well, today is finally a cooler day, as opposed to the ridiculous heat for October that we've been suffering through. And it's actually kind of nice, because my mood has been like this for about a week due to school, and other things (mostly being slightly homesick and missing my puppy!). There's something peaceful about when you're feeling dreary and sluggish and the weather reflects that. On the other hand, when you're dreary and sluggish, but the weather is bright, shiny, and mockingly pleasant, that's just torture.

I don't have any photos for today's entry, because as I said before, I've been sluggish. It might actually have something to do with the fact that I ran out of vitamins a week or so ago... Because my eating habits have been, well, less than nutritious as of late. Rice, Ramen, and an egg here or there for breakfast, mainly because frankly, I've had too much schoolwork to really want to wash any pots or pans.

Next entry will be loaded with photos, because this weekend I actually got off campus to somewhere other than a show (although another show would have been very nice). My roommate had friends in from home again, and these two were girls I knew and hung out with a little bit in high school as well, so I tagged along on their adventures through Pittsburgh on Saturday to Southside and Mt. Washington. So I have some photos from that. And I will get around to updating on my knitting projects, complete with photos. Really, I will.

Later today, I've gotta set up my RSS feed reader. I've been meaning to do this for probably about three years now, but I've got a presentation on RSS due on Monday, and I need screenshots, so I really do have to get around to that tonight. I don't know what's taken me so long to do this, because I know that it's going to make my daily Internet checks go much faster, and frankly, much easier, since as it is I click through a list of about 20 craft blogs, and lordy knows how many other blogs, comics, and other things. And every time, only about 4 or 5 out of all of those end up having been updated, so I go through all the rest for nothing, when I really should be spending time on other things... like my RSS presentation.

Well, for now, I must go and finish my coffee before my headache kicks in, so instead of a closing photo, I leave you with a sonnet I had to write about the election for poetry class. My class and teacher seemed to like it. I, on the other hand, think it's far too cutesy. You be the judge.

That fateful date has not yet arrived
When citizens begin to gain their voice
And candidates scramble, opinions contrived
Each desperate to be the person of choice.
Twelve months of debates and slander and lies
Stretch out ahead, damage already done,
Parties turn on each other, polls are in ties,
Though they have the same goal: to throw out the Son.
In only a year, the voters will flock
Shut up in their booths with levers to pull
When they emerge their choices are locked
Behind them wait more, the booths staying full.

I'll wait that year 'til my vote can be cast
And hope that our choice will improve on the past.


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