02 October 2007

Midday Coffee Break

I try very hard to get up early in the mornings, so I have time to eat something, and at the very least either make or stop and get coffee on my way. This effort has paid off for the majority of the past month and a half since I've been at school (has it really been that long already?). Excluding Migrane Day, and Caffiene Headache Day, I would even dare say that I've adapted to a new way of life that differs oh-so-much from the way I have begun my days since I was about ten.

Long gone were the days of rushing around, not eating, and walking out the door with my hair wet and my slippers still on. Instead I have been waking up, showering in the morning instead of at night, puttering around with a cup of coffee and doing some studying and homework as CNN murmured quietly in the background. I have been fairly energetic, and in a much better mood than I have ever consistantly been able to claim. The days have been long, but fairly plesent, and despite my 21 credit workload, things have not once become overwhelming.

Then Monday rolled along.

And I apologize to all who suffered through my outrage in my previous post (however justified it may be). However, yesterday of all days was not a day to have the things I enjoy attacked like that, and have people who enjoy the same things as I do blamed for imposing impossible standards on the rest of my gender with their blossoming "domestic abilities" and seemingly "perfect lives." But honestly? My life is far from perfect, nor does the simple act of being able to cook and knit make it so, and yesterday and today prove that so vividly, that I really couldn't help getting my feathers all ruffled.

So before I begin extolling the horrors of the past two days (and yes, I'm being melodramatic, but I'm just in that kind of mood), let's focus on the brilliance that was Sunday, shall we?

Well, my boy drove in for the day to keep me company and make me dinner. And although dinner was wonderful, and he didn't light anything on fire, it became clear to me that I am very possesive of my kitchen. The number of times he had to kick me out and take spoons and pots out of my hands was rediculous. I even got nosey in the dish cleaning process, because I didn't think he was scrubbing the pots hard enough. Very strange, especially since I HATE doing dishes. With a passion. Lucky for me, he has the patience of a saint, and just sort of laughed at me.

So after a lovely dinner of Cheese stuffed ravioli in Vodka Sauce (bottled of course) with Sauteed mushrooms, I made chocolate chip muffins. To save time, I used one of those "Just add milk" packets and I was quite dissappointed with the number they yeilded. Only five per packet! Dissappointment reigned supreme. But overall, it was a wonderful day.

I used the leftover mushrooms from the pasta Sunday to make myself sticky rice with mushrooms for lunch this afternoon.

So the horrors of the past two days... You know what? I'm not even sure I want to go there. I think I'm just going to sit here with my cheater's cappachino (1/2 coffee, 1/2 sweetened milk) and try and enjoy myself for half an hour before I must start making notecards for my Greek History Midterm... and my Criminal Justice Midterm... and writing my essays for my 3 different writing classes... and conducting research for my critical review of Benito Cereno... and hoping my campus email starts working in time to email my poems to my professor and get credit...

This is madness....


... This is... SPARTAAAA!!
(sorry... couldn't resist, you know, with the Greek History midterm and all)


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