27 October 2007

Photo Friday (a day late)

I've been blog hopping a lot in the past 24 hours since blogger wouldn't let me post all of yesterday, and I've seen a lot of "theme day" posts, and decided to try one out for myself. I've seen Flashback Friday around a lot, but since I don't really have much to flashback to, I've decided to substitute Flashback with Photo. Not that I don't usually post photos with my entries anyway, but there will be more actual photography showing up on these I think. We'll see.

Only the sloppiest, most overcooked omlette ever. Lesson learned from this: Don't use microwave omlette makers. Just do it the old fashioned way, even if it means you have more to wash afterwards. They just come out better.

That new scarf in the same yarn as the green one. It will be thinner, and much longer (hopefully).

Start of the second try of the very wide scarf I had to frog. It's not quite aw wide, but will be longer than the original was intended to be. Double strands of Caron Simply Soft on appropriate size needles.

Pittsburgh at night from Mt. Washington.

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