19 October 2007

Un bel di vedremo...

Oh, what a week it's been... It was that awful time, two weeks after mid-terms, when all the tests are over, and all the large projects and papers start to be due. Actually, scratch the was. It still is. So that's what has facilitated my absence. Not that I'm sure anyone really minds, because I doubt photos of Literature Review Proposals on Parkinson's Disease and rants about how it's unfair to change sylabi on a moments notice unless it's moving back a due date would have interested anyone all that much.

Before all academic hell broke loose (I seem to be in a perpetual state of academic hell from what I write about here, don't I?), my friends and I got comp tickets to the Pittsburgh Opera's production of Madama Butterfly at the Benedum last Saturday. Which was awesome. I love tickets to things. Especially when they're free. And even more especially when they are free but still have the original price of $55 on them.

The set was one of the most amazing sets I've seen. They actually had a pool of water running underneath the platforms. The costumes and staging was beautiful, and intentionally reminiscent of Japanese Noh Theatre. And Kabuki. The whole production was visually inspiring, and just plain frickin' gorgeous. The singers were rather impressive as well. Madama Butterfly herself (Cio-Cio-San) was brilliant, but her voice was a little heavy for the role in my personal opinion. I loved Suzuki to pieces. One of the men sounded like he was sick (I don't remember which one after a week), but other than that, and the stage assistant who kept sloshing through the water instead of stepping carefully through it like the rest of them, I have not a single complaint about the production.

Not much going on here craftily. Actually, I take that back. I finished the scarf I was working on, and knitted up a matching headband/ear warmer thing to go with it. I started a new scarf in the same yarn only a different (and frankly far prettier) color. I also frogged 3 feet of a very wide scarf that I had worked up a while ago. I had dug it out of my closet with the intentions of finishing it, but then I noticed that it was suffering from the same problem my green scarf had: the magical appearing and disappearing stitches! So I had to frog it all. Bleh. But whatever. I'll work it back up eventually.

So maybe I'll have pictures later tonight, maybe it'll wait until tomorrow. We'll see.

But oh! That chandelier!

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