30 November 2007

Photo Friday

My life has been one big large mess recently, from getting ridiculously ill for unknown reasons on Tuesday, to a massive computer/academic disaster late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, hence the "We're back!" and then the silence.

I also don't have much time right now, due to cleaning up the shrapnel from the computer/academic disaster, so here are some photos from break and my baking marathon with my grandmother (which, might I add, would have been lost in the computer disaster had I not been too lazy to get them off my camera sooner).

I do so love messy baking area photos. I find them charming for some reason. The rolling board was my Great Grandmothers... it's in pretty damn good shape, no?

My first year making Kolachi! They're slightly misshapen, as I didn't quite get the hang of rolling them evenly until the end, and they could have used a bit more egg wash, but they were still awesome!

Oh, puppies.

We call these squirrels, but they're basically just left over Kolachi dough rolled with jelly or preserves, coconut, walnuts, and chocolate chips. I love the way they look, but, not being a big fan of coconut myself, I don't eat them.

I'm working my tush off on so many different things right now, I'm not so sure what end is up, but hopefully by Tuesday I'll be back in the swing of things.


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