04 November 2007

A Q&A session with myself

Well, I've returned from a brief visit home utterly lacking in most of the things I claimed I would return with, including puppy update pictures and a better outlook on life.

On the bright side, I did have a good time, and I only have two weeks before I get to go home again for thanksgiving (Q: what am I thankful for this year? A: Thanksgiving break). Oh, and I did get black yarn. So that's good too.

so, without further ado...

Q: What's my problem?
A: Plural. Don't you mean what are my problems? Because I have lots of them. Including a general sense of senioritis, right when I can afford it least.

Q: What's the plan?
A: I have decided to make my new years resolutions early. Hopefully, having goals will motivate me in numerous ways and help me feel better about... well... everything.

Q: So what are they?
A: Well, here are the not-quite-so-personal ones -


  • Watch less TV. The less time I spent sitting in front of the zombie box, the more productive I will feel, and actually be. TV is limited to the new episodes of the following TV shows: CSI:Miami, Grey's Anatomy, House, Bones, and CSI (on the computer the next morning due to Greys conflict). I will also be allotted an hour a day for other TV watching on weekdays, and it's up to my discretion as long as it's not for more than two hours without at least an hour break on weekends.

  • Read more. I miss reading. I used to go through a new book every few days when I was younger, and somewhere between becoming interested in boys in junior high and going to college, reading for recreation just kind of flew out the window. Damn boys. They ruin everything. I've been a bit better about reading lately, but I'm still nowhere near where I used to be. So I'm going to read for recreation more.

  • Actually get schoolwork done ahead of time. And that means prior to the night before the due date. This one may be unachievable for some things.

  • Work out every day, so that hopefully by Thanksgiving break I can squeeze my top back into my dress from senior prom.

  • Restrict coffee drinking to before 3 pm. Anything after that should be decaf unless there is a pressing need for it (e.g. caffeine headache, paper due date moved from next week to next morning, etc...)

  • Get a good nights sleep. Every night. No more of this 3 and 4 hours a night shit. I'm getting black bags under my eyes, and I don't like it, damnit!

  • Make a point to stop listening to sad, melancholy, depressing music. I'm sure that's not helping anything.

So there you have it.


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