03 December 2007

White Out!

There's something about a sudden snowstorm that just strips me of any motivation to do anything at all. All it makes me want to do is curl up on my couch in a blanket with coffee or hot soup, and watch TV. Preferably a whole season of whatever my current TV obsession is (see last post for my current one). And preferably with a pet at my feet or on my lap. Maybe knit or crochet a little, draw a little... Just anything that doesn't involve school, papers, or reading.

I am a recreational reader, and I do love a good book, but for some reason winter just screams "TV!" I find summer more conducive to reading, personally, because I'm definitely an outdoor reader.

So there was a flash snow-storm today, that resulted in basically a white out outside of our window. One minute I looked out the window, and the grass was green, even though the sky was cloudy. I look down, write out a few note cards for Criminal Justice, and look back up to see... White. I instantly lost all motivation to accomplish anything, walked into the kitchen, and made myself some coffee and soup.

The really sad thing about this whole storm? When it was over? The grass was still green. Don't you hate that? Mother nature lets loose all her fury... for nothing. Tragic, especially for someone like me who loves snow.

The photo above was before the white-out, clearly. I made the snowflakes as window decorations.

I also finished the next scarf of the bunch that I was working on. Again, modeled by my ever diligent teddy.

I shall start a new one tonight! I find them very helpful on improving my knitting technique. I'm still only using the knit stitch, but I'm getting faster and more used to the whole "two needle" thing. Hopefully, that will lead to different stitches eventually, and more complicated projects. Slowly but surely wins the race, right? Besides, you can never have enough scarves. One to go with every outfit!


02 December 2007

Great Big Sigh of Relief...


I've finally finished my hurried rewrite of a 12-15 page paper that I lost in the computer disaster I wrote about last time. My original had been 12 pages on the dot. Two more words would have put it onto a 13th. However, I ended up changing the direction of my paper quite a bit from last time, so a large quantity of the research I had for the first one was no longer relevant, so this time the paper came in just under 10 pages due to lack of source material. However, it is only a draft, and I know for a fact that most people's drafts fell short of the 12 page minimum anyway. And, they didn't have to write the thing in 3 days. So I don't feel so bad about it.

But I'm finally done!

That means I can get back to this:

And then finish decorating with this:

And watch more episodes of this:

My new TV obsession. And lucky me, FOX has more than the current week's episode on their "watch online" feature!

I'm a happy woman at the moment.