02 December 2007

Great Big Sigh of Relief...


I've finally finished my hurried rewrite of a 12-15 page paper that I lost in the computer disaster I wrote about last time. My original had been 12 pages on the dot. Two more words would have put it onto a 13th. However, I ended up changing the direction of my paper quite a bit from last time, so a large quantity of the research I had for the first one was no longer relevant, so this time the paper came in just under 10 pages due to lack of source material. However, it is only a draft, and I know for a fact that most people's drafts fell short of the 12 page minimum anyway. And, they didn't have to write the thing in 3 days. So I don't feel so bad about it.

But I'm finally done!

That means I can get back to this:

And then finish decorating with this:

And watch more episodes of this:

My new TV obsession. And lucky me, FOX has more than the current week's episode on their "watch online" feature!

I'm a happy woman at the moment.


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