30 November 2007

Photo Friday

My life has been one big large mess recently, from getting ridiculously ill for unknown reasons on Tuesday, to a massive computer/academic disaster late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, hence the "We're back!" and then the silence.

I also don't have much time right now, due to cleaning up the shrapnel from the computer/academic disaster, so here are some photos from break and my baking marathon with my grandmother (which, might I add, would have been lost in the computer disaster had I not been too lazy to get them off my camera sooner).

I do so love messy baking area photos. I find them charming for some reason. The rolling board was my Great Grandmothers... it's in pretty damn good shape, no?

My first year making Kolachi! They're slightly misshapen, as I didn't quite get the hang of rolling them evenly until the end, and they could have used a bit more egg wash, but they were still awesome!

Oh, puppies.

We call these squirrels, but they're basically just left over Kolachi dough rolled with jelly or preserves, coconut, walnuts, and chocolate chips. I love the way they look, but, not being a big fan of coconut myself, I don't eat them.

I'm working my tush off on so many different things right now, I'm not so sure what end is up, but hopefully by Tuesday I'll be back in the swing of things.


28 November 2007

And... We're back.

After a long absence due to homework and holidays, I'm back. Expect a mega-post later tonight containing holiday wonders and ethnic baking. But for now, I'm off to do some homework at starbucks with my bitter buddy and talk about bitter things. Because we're bitter, and we love it.

15 November 2007


It's been a while since I've had to coffee up after 2 p.m. But that's what I'm doing. In the morning, I certainly need my coffee. But by 2 p.m., actually, noon, really, I am okay graduating to mixed milk and espresso drinks (which most people are surprised to find out have less caffeine than a cup of coffee the same size. It's true. Check your local Starbucks' nutritional pamphlet). But today... I certainly needed that boost.

I've only got a mere 24 hours before all my major projects are finished and handed in, so hopefully once that's over, life becomes manageable again.

And thanksgiving is soon!!

In the mean time, I finished the blue scarf. It's modeled on my teddy bear below.

I'm also procrastinating just a bit right now, so I'm going through past posts and cleaning up the labels for them. My label section has gotten slightly out of control, and some are just not needed because of redundancy (e.g. Future Uh-Ohs should technically be under "The Lunatic Part"). So I'm going to go do that now.

I've also got some cool photos for Photo Friday tommorrow, thanks to a trip to the Carnegie Science Center last weekend.


11 November 2007

Let the Holidays Commence...

Well, you know it's officially the holiday season when Starbucks starts using the Christmas cups, and I'm seen walking across campus with a Peppermint Mocha in hand. Nothing says "ITS ALMOST THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS!" to me like a Peppermint Mocha. And they always start serving them right when I hit that slump in the semester when I most need it.

As for the semester, my scholarly motivation is lacking, but my crafty motivation is through the roof, which is both a blessing and a curse. It means I'm making headway on Christmas gifts, but it also means I'm letting some things go academically until the last minute that I really shouldn't. I always end up kicking myself when it comes down to the line, but I never seem to learn.

I've got two or three presents mostly done, but for everyone else I'm still sort of in the planning phase. I make list after list, and idea sheet after idea sheet. I think maybe once December hits, I'm going to start posting quick crafty gift tutorial ideas every day. I've certainly got enough bookmarked, that's for sure. A few other blogs(far more popular than mine) are doing it as well, so I will try to keep it a bit different than what's being posted everywhere else...

As for that blue scarf, it's probably 5 and a half feet long now...

05 November 2007

There's something so comforting about macaroni and cheese out of a box. Or in my case those little microwavable bowls. I can't put my finger on what it is...

Really sick this morning, so didn't get much of anything done except for unpacking all my crap from home. Oh and classes, but whatever. So it looks like I'm going to end up breaking one of those resolutions already, because I doubt working out is going to happen today. My post-nasal-drip or whatever the frick is making me so nauseous that I just don't think it's going to happen, and silly me forgot to stop in at the doctors and get a prescription to take care of this sinus infection while I was home. So another week and a half of headaches, unproductivity, and sleeping way too much lie ahead I'm sure. But whatever. This happens every year, I'm not quite sure why I'm not used to it yet.

On the bright side, sinus infections always make me avoid screens and flashy lights when I can (e.g. computer, TV) due to increased chance of headache, so the TV resolution will stick pretty well I think. And I'll probably get more crafting done in the next week and a half than I normally would, because sinus infections make me avoid books too due to the "words swimming around page" effect that those headaches often bring. So I'll get pretty far on the whole Christmas prezzies thing.

I do have to get some photo editing done though... and some drawing. The drawing won't really be a problem so much as the photo editing will. But whatever, again.

And because there was no photo from last entry despite just returning from home, here's one of the only photos I took while there: a photo of my grandmother's cat that I'm debating doing some real editing on and maybe turning it into something of artistic value. Maybe. The jury is still out on it's potential. Her name is Fluff btw.


04 November 2007

A Q&A session with myself

Well, I've returned from a brief visit home utterly lacking in most of the things I claimed I would return with, including puppy update pictures and a better outlook on life.

On the bright side, I did have a good time, and I only have two weeks before I get to go home again for thanksgiving (Q: what am I thankful for this year? A: Thanksgiving break). Oh, and I did get black yarn. So that's good too.

so, without further ado...

Q: What's my problem?
A: Plural. Don't you mean what are my problems? Because I have lots of them. Including a general sense of senioritis, right when I can afford it least.

Q: What's the plan?
A: I have decided to make my new years resolutions early. Hopefully, having goals will motivate me in numerous ways and help me feel better about... well... everything.

Q: So what are they?
A: Well, here are the not-quite-so-personal ones -


  • Watch less TV. The less time I spent sitting in front of the zombie box, the more productive I will feel, and actually be. TV is limited to the new episodes of the following TV shows: CSI:Miami, Grey's Anatomy, House, Bones, and CSI (on the computer the next morning due to Greys conflict). I will also be allotted an hour a day for other TV watching on weekdays, and it's up to my discretion as long as it's not for more than two hours without at least an hour break on weekends.

  • Read more. I miss reading. I used to go through a new book every few days when I was younger, and somewhere between becoming interested in boys in junior high and going to college, reading for recreation just kind of flew out the window. Damn boys. They ruin everything. I've been a bit better about reading lately, but I'm still nowhere near where I used to be. So I'm going to read for recreation more.

  • Actually get schoolwork done ahead of time. And that means prior to the night before the due date. This one may be unachievable for some things.

  • Work out every day, so that hopefully by Thanksgiving break I can squeeze my top back into my dress from senior prom.

  • Restrict coffee drinking to before 3 pm. Anything after that should be decaf unless there is a pressing need for it (e.g. caffeine headache, paper due date moved from next week to next morning, etc...)

  • Get a good nights sleep. Every night. No more of this 3 and 4 hours a night shit. I'm getting black bags under my eyes, and I don't like it, damnit!

  • Make a point to stop listening to sad, melancholy, depressing music. I'm sure that's not helping anything.

So there you have it.