18 January 2008

Annnnddd.... We're back.

The New Year has past, and Lunaticraft is back, new and improved.

Expect more books, more substance, more projects, more intelligence, better writing, and less inane babble about irrelevant things.

Here's the run down on the new developments for this coming year:

  • I'm actually doing all my class reading this semester, so there will be more book reviews and opinions on things that actually have some sort of academic value.

  • On the craft front, I've set a goal of 50 completed projects by the end of 2008. Hopefully that afghan will be a part of it.

  • I have started writing a novel, so progress will be documented.

  • By the end of 2008, I hope to be well on my way to a working fluency in Spanish.

  • I have shut down LIFE: Poorly Drawn, and am going to focus more on improving my realistic drawing skills.

  • The novel aside, I will be doing more non-academic writing, some of which I might post here for some feedback (this one is still very much up in the air).

  • I might take one last whack at writing some decent poetry.

  • I will be working on my coding skills, so maybe at some point I'll be able to come up with a nicer working template for this site.

  • Overall, I think it's going to be a productive year!


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