27 January 2008

Where my Knitting Skills Expand

For years, I have been a crocheter. My mother taught me how to do it in 8th grade, and I immediately caught on, making a scarf right off the bat using single, half-double, double and treble crochet stitches. So then, I was ready to learn something new, and my mother tried to teach me to knit.

That did not go quite as well. What resulted was a tangled mess of yarn stuck onto two needles. It took me months to even get the hang of a simple knit stitch, and only recently have I been able to achieve a working level of competency at it.

But now... Oh, but now... I can purl! I can do ribs! I can do short rows!

It's a miracle.

Actually, it's more like a Saturday spent sick on the couch watching movies and repeatedly knitting, frogging, and knitting again until I got the hideous swatch pictured above. Not only is the swatch hideous, but the photo has been sharpened to within an inch of its life in order to make the stitches visible, since I made a bad choice about a yarn to use.

Don't fret, the swatch has been put out of it's misery and is once again just a ball of yarn.

So now I'm in search of a pattern I could tackle with my new skills. I eventually want to make a Calorimetry from Knitty's Winter 06 issue. However I'm thinking maybe I'll tackle a scarf first, just to get more practice and a better working competency.


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