07 February 2008

Calorimetry Complete!

Project 3 out of 50 in 2008 = FINISHED.

As I had mentioned last time, I had planned to knit up a scarf using my new skills before I began a more complicated pattern. And then... I got the flu. I was not feeling too hot for a while, and had been kind of sick the weekend before, but then the wind kicked up one night. Now, in our old, slightly crusty apartment building, when the wind kicks up, the ductwork sounds like there's an army of giant rodents continually scurrying in the walls. And the ceiling. And the hallway. And did I mention the walls? All of them?

So anyway, the wind was really bad ALL NIGHT. So I got no sleep. This was apparently just the kick the influenza virus needed to take hold of my system. DESPITE the fact that I had gotten my flu shot (there is apparently a major strain out this year that is not covered in the vaccine). So, to fight my boredom upon finding myself incapacitiated, I dragged myself into the living room, printed out the pattern for Calorimetry from Knitty and set to work.

I knitted the pattern up a total of two times, and the first time went surprisingly without a hitch. So much so, that I was rather impressed with myself. And all who know me are aware that me being impressed with myself can be a slippery slope.

I really beleived that I had completed the pattern flawlessly the first time. Luckily enough for the people around me, a) I was stuck in bed and limited from human contact, and b) when I cast off the last stitch and removed it from the needles (to get what is pictured in the photo above) I was smart enough to try it on.

It was GIGANTIC! Or maybe my head is just really small. Either way, it was at least three times the size of what it should have been, and it looked like I had just draped a large piece of knitted cloth over my head. So my ego deflated nicely. And here I thought I knitted way too tightly. Humph.

So I frogged it, and tried again using the ball I created from the trashed piece. I made some pattern modifications (I only cast on 90, and only repeated row 5 around 8 or 9 times instead of the reccomended 15. I ended up with 22 stitches outside the markers at the end of the repititions) and ended up using only about half the yarn I had on the first try.

With the pattern modifications, it ended up being a much better fit for my apparently too tiny head (see photo below for finished product), and I must admit: I love it. I'm going to make so many more of these, I know it. I wore it to rehearsal today, and not only was it a hit with my friends, but it kept my ears and head tosty warm in the cold Pittsburgh wind without overheating me when I was indoors. AND I didn't have hat hair once I took it off.

I am debating adding some embroidered flowers or some sort of pattern to it to match the little button, but I have yet to theorize a way to do it without hampering the stretch of it too much. So that's something for me to think about.

In other news, I must apologize for the quality of the photography I have been posting here lately. The Pittsburgh gloom has rolled out from over the rivers, and it won't be leaving until sometime in mid-April, so getting decent natural lighting is becoming harder and harder. This is probably not helped by the fact that I'm usually in class during any usable daylight. With any luck, as spring... well, springs, the photography will improve. Our apartment kind of sucks for photography even when it's sunny and wonderful out anyway, but it's not been this bad before.


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