13 February 2008

Notecards and Knitting and Books, Oh My!

The past few days have been sort of stressful, for no other reason but that my bizarre anxiety and OCD was running full force. Sunday, I had a very productive day, getting more done in 12 hours than I have for weeks. Unfortunately, that meant the pressure was on for Monday and Tuesday. I felt so good about myself by the time I went to bed on Sunday, and I desperately wanted to perpetuate that feeling. However, what happened was that I ended up placing my expectations too high, and falling way short of them.

I need to stop psyching myself out like that. It got to the point yesterday where my brain just completely shut down. I went to make a pot of coffee, and forgot to put any coffee in the filter, it was that bad. And THEN, as if that wasn't bad enough, I was so upset over the fact that I now had a steaming hot pot of water instead of a steaming hot pot of coffee that I just pouted and sniffled a bit before pouring it down the drain.

A few hours later I was recounting this unfortunate coffee story to my best friend, and she was like, "Why didn't you just make tea? You love earl grey, and that has a decent amount of caffeine in it." I was dumfounded by my own inability to think. Tea! Of course! Why didn't that occur to me? This was, of course, followed by more pouting and sniffling. Because that's what happens when my brain shuts down: I pout and sniffle like a six year old.

No crying though. I don't do that.

So, the new Calorimetry headband I started (see previous post for pattern link, I'm too lazy right now to go find it) kind of got forgotten in my little frenzy of work over the past few days. I hope to get it off the needles later tonight, since I've only got about fifteen minutes of knitting left to do on it. The yarn I used is just some crappy acrylic that I've had sitting around for years. I had originally intended to use it in an afghan that I was planning at one point during high school. I've always loved the combination purples and greens, but as it turned out I thought the color scheme was hideous once crocheted. However, the way its knitting up is wonderful! I think I just don't like the way the multicolored yarn patterns when crocheted. It always ends up looking like some sort of strange camouflage.

On a more random note, I noticed Sunday night the amazing contradiction between my reading choices and my mug choices. I think it characterizes this strange point that I'm at in my life pretty well. Scholarly book, Tigger mug. Adulthood, Childhood. I seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle.


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