06 March 2008

March? Already?

Well it seems as if February got away from me there. It's bizarre to me how I am more overloaded with work now, while I'm only carrying 15 credits, than I was half a year ago under the load of 21. I think my academic life is just absorbing and serving as a tool to redirect my apprehensions about entering the real world a year earlier than I had expected to. Plus, I suppose if I had actually bothered to do all the reading I was assigned last semester, as I am now, instead of picking and choosing based on importance and necessity, academics would have instantly become eighty times harder.

Well, regardless, I’m back to the blog and the world of the interweb, and I actually even got some real drawing done the other day. Craft-wise, I've gotten a few things accomplished as well, and I'll have those up over the weekend.

But as of right now, I've had photos that have been in line to be posted up here for weeks now, and it's about time I show off my very first quasi-thrifted score.

As you probably don't know, I have a thing for old books. I love them. Hand me something with a copyright date before 1950 and I'm a happy camper. There's something about the weighty history behind each yellowed page that touches me.

Which I suppose is kind of ironic, because when I go to buy my textbooks, I HATE used books. But rewind that copyright date, and used is the way I prefer it. Figure that out.

But anyway, so they were having a book sale for charity that I walked by as I got out of class in Mid-February, and after a quick scan of the selection, and I found this copy of Tolstoy's War and Peace. The copyright date on it is 1942, and it is beautiful. And the best part? I only paid a dollar for it. It smelled a little more musty than is appropriate for an old book to, but an afternoon sitting in the sun (which is all too rare anymore) on the windowsill remedied that quickly.


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