09 October 2008

Adventures with Wire

Well, now that I'm a working woman, I had to totally re-do my wardrobe (Goodbye first three paychecks! I'll miss you!). It freaks me out just a little bit that I'll never be able to wear jeans all day again, and that what was "dressed up" only a few months ago (nice fashionable top, jeans, heels) is now inappropriate for everything but a night at the bar. Which, for the curious, for me was my 21st birthday in May, and not one night since.

I should probably do something about that lack of social life thing, but right now, I've been too busy with school, work, papers, and... updating my wardrobe so I'm not the girl who's talked about for dressing inappropriately.

As I hung up the new clothes that emptied my bank account (since when do two, not nearly top-of-the-line button up shirts cost $80? It's criminal, I tell you.), I realized that I have no jewelry to go with any of it. Specifically necklaces. For years, I wore the same necklace every single day because it was a gift from my then-boyfriend. But, now that that's over, I have the freedom of wearing what I want around my neck. However, I had nothing.

So, I dug out all my old jewelry making supplies and my old bead stash and got to work. Since my bank account is drained, I promised myself that I wouldn't go buy any new beads or supplies until all the old ones I possibly could use were gone. So I settled down in front of the boob-tube (T.V.) and got to work. In the end I came out with five new necklaces, all with hand made clasps, as you can see above.

It was definitely a process as I re-learned to manipulate wire, make symmetric loops, measure chain properly... Two of the finished products actually need to be fixed, since I forgot to actually, well, measure. Both hang down past where is decent, so I'm going to have to go in and trim the chain. But, all in all, I'm pretty happy.

If you've noticed, I have been doing some tweaking of the blog layout. Not too much, since I only really have the time at night when I'm having trouble sleeping. I have a few things planned for the next few months, including profiles of some of my favorite items and the stories behind them (Hey, I'm a history major. Things and back story are simply what I do). Also, some book reviews that I promised way back at the beginning of the year and never quite got around to, and the continuance of 50projects in 2008. I'm still determined to meet that goal, but seeing as it's already October and I'm only up to... maybe 4, if that, I'll really have to kick it into gear. Also, I have a number of online tutorials that I plan to try out, and I want to give a review of them on here as well.

I'm excited about these plans, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can actually pull them off!


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