07 November 2008

Week-Long Whirlwind

Wow, what a week! So much happening, so much yet to do!

Lets start with last Friday, HALLOWEEN! It was always my favorite holiday as a kid, so it felt kind of weird to be the one handing out the candy this year. My mother and my brother had rehearsal, and my dad doesn't much care for the holiday, so I was elected to stay home and man the door. Of course I made sure the Almond Joys and the Kit-Kats were on the top of the pile, since I don't like them and if they were left at the end of the night, they'd be of no use to me. Sly, isn't it?

After the costumed visitors stopped coming, I was forced to face the reality that is grad school, and the three huge papers I have coming due, so I've been running running running all week, taking a brief break just to share my pumpkin carving experience with you, and to... well, eat, sleep, and shower.

Clearly the resident pets don't have the same problems as I, since they spent most of the weeks sleeping, often on each other.

Oh, well I did forget some time I took off. After all, it was the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!! It's been such a wild ride these past weeks and months, that I most certainly wouldn't have missed that for the world.

Now, it's no secret that I'm a democrat. I've supported Obama from the very beginning, so I am totally thrilled with the outcome of the election. My whole family has been a fan of him for a long time, though my Mom was originally leaning Hillary. My brother volunteered for his campaign, and even my father, who has never in his life cared enough to vote got involved because he felt so strongly about the kind of change this country needs.

Now, of course, he didn't vote. That would really compromise his position as an apathetic. But he got involved! He was in charge of keeping our yard sign booby-trapped with dog doo so it wouldn't get vandalized or stolen, and he did so with steadfast diligence (we live in a relatively republican area, and I am sad to say that there is a history of less-than-respectful behavior concerning signs and people that support the opposite candidate. It's happened to our yard signs a number of times).

So Tuesday night, with celebratory rum shots all ready for my father and I, my mom with her scotch, and my brother with nothing but a soda (under 21!) we waited with baited breath for the results.

And I must say that the results could not have been more inspiring for me. Maybe I'll now have the inspiration to get these papers finished!


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