01 December 2008


After a weekend full of holiday goodness, including the successful creation of Pumpkin Pies from scratch using the innards of those pumpkins I butchered around Halloween, I have begun other projects. While a full report on the pumpkin pie experience will arrive eventually (likely when I make them again, since my camera died half way through this last time), I have since dived head first back into life, pre-Christmas. With that comes the very last of my academic pressures: One paper presentation, and one last paper to write; the frenzy of holiday shopping/creating; and in the midst of it all, I'm set to begin a new temporary job soon for about two months.

As far as the holiday creating goes, I've begun working on my very first original pattern. Not the most complicated thing, admittedly... just a coffee cup cozy that I hope to use as an "eco-friendly stocking stuffer". But simplicity aside, this is a big step for me towards my identity as a skilled crocheter. I've never designed a pattern before that I planned to perfect and, hopefully, share with others.

My first prototype came out alright. Not exactly what I was aiming for. It looks cute, but it was too bulky, and I need to tweak the seaming mechanism, possibly by creating it in the round next time instead of as one flat piece to be seamed together later. The flat piece thing did make the embroidery a lot easier. However, the embroidery itself is a problem too.

Again, it looks super cute. However, the inside? A bloody, bulky mess. Not sure what to do about that... I'm thinking the embroidery is going to have to be axed and I'll have to embellish it some other way.

Back to the drawing board, I suppose!


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desertnetti said...

That is super-cute! Don't give up. It'll be a popular pattern. Being in a family of coffee roasters, we are around coffee fanatics all the time and I'm sure this would be a popular pattern!