25 September 2008

Finally returned... for real this time.

Wow, the leaves hadn't even started to come out yet when I last really disappeared from this thing, and now the leaves have started falling. I guess graduating from college turned me into an Internet flake. Or maybe that's just what real life is. Who knows.

There's been a lot of activity going on in my time away from Lunaticraft... I started a new job, started grad school, am in negotiations for another new job... My life got pretty hectic for a while there.

Hopefully, I've ironed it all out. It was so strange for a while to have to ration my free time. Since leaving high school, I had forgotten what is was like to have stuff to do outside of class, midterms, and finals. Its funny when you look back, what you remember. I was much busier when I was in high school, yet I don't remember it being so hard to manage and frankly, just to have the energy to get it all done.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Well, whatever it is, I think I've finally gotten as settled in my new, super-busy life as I'm going to get, so it's about time I get back to crafting, and get back to blogging.

I have been doing some knitting on and off over the summer months, the scarf pictured above and the almost-finished hand warmers included. I also finished another scarf that I started on a whim last week while watching the Daily Show, but I have yet to photograph that.

I'm probably going to have to lay off the knitting a little bit and turn back to crochet, since my new busy life also includes beginning to play my cello again. I'm having a blast being able to play with symphonies again, since it's something I had to give up in college due to space restrictions/practice room limitations. However, with cello playing returns my every present battle with tendonitis. I've been doing as much as I can to prevent it from getting bad again: I've been wearing my braces, doing my stretches, all that good stuff. However, I think knitting too much could easily push my poor strained tendons over the edge, despite the precautions.

That's alright though. It will finally make me turn back to my first yarn-craft love of crochet, and get me sewing and jewelry making again as well. Just in time too, because I need to get a move on my grand scheme for my college roommate's graduation present! =D Obviously I'm not going to divulge what that is, just in case she reads this, but it's going to be awesome.

In other, non-crafty news, I fell in love with the Olympic mascots as I sat for two weeks, glued to the T.V. and repeatedly shouting to my unimpressed family, "Look! I was there! I walked on that sidewalk!"

So, along with falling in love with the cute little fuwa (jingjing the panda especially), I also began to regret in the biggest way not purchasing any mascot merchandise while I was there last summer. At the time, neither I or anyone else on the trip with me had any idea what they were, and they were EVERYWHERE. And everything was still DIRT CHEAP, because the Olympics were still more than a year off.

The regret got so deeply run by the time the Olympics reached week two, that I sucked up my irrational fear of paypal, and made my first ebay purchase, resulting in a set of five super cute key chains. I've had an ebay account for a while now, but I was always too terrified of paypal to use it. Why? Who knows, since paypal is super safe. I'm just neurotic like that.

My neuroses aside, I did it. I hit the bid button, won it (just under $10 including shipping and handling from Hong Kong), and sat nervously in wait for the next two weeks until they finally got here.

All that stressing aside, it totally paid off. I love them!


P.S. - I got ravelry! I'm username lunaticraft!