28 January 2009

The long awaited fiber update! (The WIP Edition)

So, I've had a major case of fiber-craft ADD lately. The past few weeks I haven't really been able to do anything but start projects! I've got several things on the needles at the moment, which, though not a bad thing, is starting to clutter up what little spare space I do have.

First, a Winter set for myself. In the end it will consist of the Calorimetry that is pictured on the needles above; the Bristol Neck Warmer which can be seen, sans buttons, below; and lastly, a pair of wrist warmers, the pattern for which is still undecided. All I do know, is that they will be wrist warmers (No fingers, just one big hole in the top), and not fingerless gloves (with the little half-fingers). Why? Well, first of all, I doubt I have the skills to do the little half-fingers yet, and secondly, for some reason I always look homeless when I wear fingerless gloves. This is something I noticed recently, and frankly it puzzles me. I see other people wearing them all the time, and I think they look totally fine in them! But somehow, I put them on, and they simply don't work on me. I think it may be my hair... But anyway.

Also on the needles is a Quickie Cowl in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. It was supposed to be a gift for my mother's birthday, since her main gift was stuck somewhere in the vortex that is the US Postal Service and I wanted to have something to hand her with her card. Unfortunately, that did not come off as planned. I started it the afternoon of her birthday, hoping to have it done by the time we gave her her gifts and went out to dinner. Things were looking good. Very good. Within two hours, I had gotten far enough into it, that all I really had left was to bind off and seam it together.


Then I took a closer look. Turns out that I botched the lace pattern so badly for the first six or seven rows that it really wasn't even passable as an intended design feature. Frustrated, I threw my needles across the room (not a good idea, since they were bamboo. It's a wonder they didn't break), got in my car, and quick went and bought a bouquet of flowers for her. I have since frogged the thing and started over, with the hope of finishing it tonight, five or so days after her birthday.

The last fibery development, fortunately for my WIP storage space, is not a WIP. It is instead the first step into Sock knitting. Something I NEVER thought I would do, simply because I'm a white sweat sock kind of girl. However, I've been seeing so many amazing socks, made of amazing yarns, and amazing patterns on some other craft blogs lately (many of which I found through the Ravelry Group Lesser Known Skeins... check it out, there's a lot of great blogs on there!), that I simply couldn't help myself.

So, home I came with a few sets of DPNs and some sock yarn. When I'll dive into my first pair, I still don't know. What pattern I will use, I still don't know. But, having the materials around to look at certianly makes the probability more likely that it will happen.


P.S. - Next Update: The one project I managed to finish!


Tekgirl said...

Yay for socks! You'll be hooked before you know it :) Love the choice of colours for the yarn and those pretty coloured DPNs are just adorable. I look forward to seeing the results.

Iron Needles said...

Welcome to the dark side...sometimes the knitting gets a little hinky, but the wearing...it is out of this world. You will nevah go back to the whities!

adrienne said...

Socks are fun :) They'll be awesome in that yarn! Can't wait to see the winter set - what type of yarn are you using?

lizzzknits said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, because it resulted in discovering yours. I made a pair of socks in the same patons yarn and you can see them on my blog if you go back a couple of weeks. Be alert, my balls were wound in the opposite direction.

passionknitone said...

Thanks for posting about the Lesser Known Skeins group on ravelry. I've just joined and I look forward to meeting other knit bloggers. Good luck with the socks. I have not yet knit any socks but it's on my list!

Lupie said...

Thank you so much for posting about the Lesser Known Skeins. The group is growing slowly but those in it are awesome peoples!
It is truly a dream come true for me.
Patons sock yarn is awesome and I may have to pick some up to make gloves.
When you leave the pure sock world and enter the multi color sock world you will never go back!
Tomorrow I will be posting about my new DPN. They are beautiful but crazy expensive.
Ok so you are the 200th person I have found making the Calorimetry. I think the knitting gods are telling me something.

Timiae said...

I'm interested in seeing what you think of the Kroy Socks... I almost bought some a while back, but got something else instead.

Envious of your dpn set! I haven't seen the sock set before.

Fran said...

I love the colour scheme you chose for the socks. In all my years of socks knitting, I have never tried variegated skeins for it (I have done fairisle though).

Megan said...

I love the picture of the sock yarn. It looks great on that background. Socks are awesome. It's so neat to watch each part develop, the heel, the toe, etc.

Each part is gratifying.