13 January 2009

Two Foxes and a Mink in a Box

Well, it's been an interesting week here at Lunaticraft. It's been draining to the max, yet I don't feel as if I've accomplished anything. At all. Nothing. Zip. Null.

Well, I've done a lot of eating. And I did finally get the feather and fan scarf off the needles, and I also cast on the neck warmer portion of a winter set I'm knitting in Vanna's Choice: Rose. Oh! And I also picked up more yarn... the very last thing I need, but never the less. JoAnn's had Vanna's Choice for two bucks a skein! Now, how could I possibly pass that up? So I came home with six new skeins in total, and I think I may go back for more. Might as well stock up while I can!

Oh, and speaking of things I have acquired, check out what I inherited from the bottom of my mom's closet:

They were my Great Grandmother's. The two big guys are foxes, and I think the little dude is a mink. The foxes are a little worse for wear, being 90 years old and all. Fox #2 is in better condition than Fox #1, as Fox #1 is missing two paws and half his tail. The mink, while a little fragile, is in great condition considering its age, and still totally wearable.

Not that I would though, for multiple reasons. First of all, the PETA chapter in our area is fairly active, and wouldn't hesitate to throw baking powder all over me (they seem to have figured out that the red paint thing was actually counter-intuitive, since most people in the area who own fur have it insured, so the coat would get ruined, and they'd just get a new one with the insurance money, effectively killing another animal. The baking soda merely needs a cleaning). I'm not willing to wear a piece of family history out just to have someone throw stuff at me. Secondly, they haven't been well taken care of over the years, so they're not in the best condition. Thirdly, I'm not a big fan of fur myself. These are just different, because they are family heirlooms (Although, though I'd never buy one myself, I will admit that it's kind of cool that I can say, "Why yes, I do have a mink!).

The last, and frankly most important reason, is that... they stink. They stink like fur that's been sitting in a closet for 30 years. Because they have. The little dude doesn't smell so bad, but the two foxes simply reek.

And so, I'm reaching out into the blogosphere for advice: HOW DO I MAKE THEM NOT SMELL? I currently have the mink in his box, and the two foxes in sealed plastic bags to prevent them from stinking up my room. Is there some way I can get these little guys refurbished? Send them off to some fursmith (I'm pretty sure I just made up an occupation) to get an overhaul?

I don't know the history of the two little guys, because unfortunately, my Great Grandmother had them long before my Grandmother (her daughter-in-law) ever met her, and nobody ever asked, as far as I know. I like to think that they were gifts from my Great Grandfather for their wedding, or before he left for the war, where he ended up dying in the Battle of the Bulge. I like to think they have meaning to them. Their little glass eyes tell me they do. Cloudy and knowing, like they're in on some amazing secret that I can't even begin to fathom.

In other news, the Christmas decorations have begun to come down. This time of year always fills me with a slight sense of remorse. I'll miss you, light up Christmas trees, icicle lights, and gaudy ornaments. Until next year...



adrienne said...

Wow, I can't imagine getting something so old! I have no idea how to get the smells out, but I hope someone can help you :)

Iron Needles said...

Ah. Family histories! I wonder what I won't tell that those who come after me will ponder about. I can't imagine there would be anything!

Timiae said...

Grrr to PETA. I really do hate those types of organizations.

Those are so cool! I would *love* to have them. Great closet finds/inheritances! I would do some research on fur care and restoration. I'm sure that you'll find some good info. I have a few pelts (springbok, rabbit, etc) and I store them with those carbon packets that absorb smells or with baking powder. None of mine really stank, but this is to keep moisture and smells down that might come up.