01 January 2009

The year-end wrap up and yet another list of goals...

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope 2008 was a good year for everyone, and that 2009 will be even better.

Being the start of the new year and all, I feel it's time for my annual year-end wrap up and my new list of goals and resolutions.

So, lets start with what went down in 2008.

  • Graduated. That's a biggie.

  • Went to the Met to see the Last Emperor.

  • Bought my first car.

  • Had an awesome summer with awesome people.

  • My recital went swimmingly. Performed Mozart, Menotti, Barber, Dvorak, and Puccini, with a bunch in between.

  • Had tons of performance opportunities, not just on voice, but in orchestras and bands as well, which is always fun. Over the past few years, I have been very rarely able to indulge my other musical "talents" (my French Horn skills may not classify as "talent" per se… more like "sheer perseverance"). So 2008 was a nice change for that.

  • Started grad school, and did well in my first semester.

  • Had a few different jobs, and enjoyed every one of them.

  • On the crafty front, I didn't even come close to 50 projects in 2008. That was a total bust of a resolution. Maybe this year though.

  • Also, on the blog front, I didn't end up getting around to most of the grand ideas I had planned for this year.

  • So, to sum it all up, even though 2008 was not the best year for crafting (or blogging for that matter), it's still been a really wonderful year, full of personal growth, change, and accomplishment. So, my personal grade for 2008: A-.

    So, now that that's over with, what's ahead in 2009?

    Well, now that I'm settled, with much more stability on the horizon for the coming year (hopefully, anyway), I feel a bit more confident about being able to accomplish any goals I set for this year. But still, I'm going to try to keep them realistic, and attainable, and really try my best.

    So, once more, here we go:

    Lunaticraft's 2009 New Years Resolutions and Goals

  • Draw, every day.

  • Take one photograph every day, and photographs of craft projects do not count. The goal is to eventually create kind of a year long autobiography in photos. I will be posting them, once a week, on Dev. Art, and some may wind up here via photo Fridays.

  • Get rid of my little muffin top, and tone up my arms. Generally get into better shape for health reasons.

  • Run a race for charity.

  • Stop spending so much money at Starbucks and similar places.

  • Read more, and write more. On a related note, update this blog more frequently.

  • Stay even more on top of school work.

  • Have more fun. Do more things. Go out more. Make more friends.

  • Learn to figure skate.

  • Volunteer somewhere fairly regularly.

  • Keep on top of the clutter.

  • Finish the hexagon afghan.

  • Start saving for a DSLR.

  • And last, but not least, worry less and be more positive.

  • Short, sweet and attainable (even the figure skating… my uncle plays hockey and has connections at the local ice rink). Well, I think they are anyway.

    Oh, and on a rather unrelated note, Christmas photos are coming, I promise. The end of the year got a little out of hand on me, so I never got around to it. However, we're Russian Orthodox, and half the family still celebrates Russian Christmas, so it's not over yet! Technically, I'm not late with those... haha. They'll be up by the 7th for sure.

    Well, with that, I'm going to go finish watching the Penn State/USC game and get some drawing done.

    Happy New Year everyone!



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