01 March 2009

Bucket List...

Thanks to some facebook meme's that have been going around, my bucket list has been on my mind lately. I don't think I've ever put it down in writing before, and I think it's about time. So, ladies and gentlemen, bear with me, this is going to be a long one, full of historical sites and artifacts, I'm sure. Things that are in bold are things I've already accomplished.


- See King Tut's burial mask.
- Visit the Great Pyramids.
- Sail down the Nile.
- Visit the Valley of the Kings.
- See Jerusalem/The Temple Mount.
- Visit the Dead Sea (a good friend of mine is currently studying abroad in Jordan, and visited this weekend. I am tres jealous).
- Drive a car in London.
- See Hadrian's Wall.
- Visit Bath.
- Learn Spanish fluently.
- Learn serviceable Italian.
- Learn serviceable Mandarin.
- Learn serviceable Russian
- Go to China.
- Walk on the Great Wall. (And yes, this is my photo from said experience).

- Go to Madrid.
- Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland (even though I'm not Irish).
- See the Terracotta Soldiers.
- Go to Seattle.
- Eat Sushi in Kyoto.
- Go to Tokyo.
- Paddle boat on the lake at Versailles (possible, I have a friend who did it).
- Go to St. Petersburg.
- Visit Rome.
- See Venice.
- Touch the Parthenon.
- Leave flowers on my Great Grandfather's grave in Belgium (he died in the Battle of the Bulge).
- Be Liu in a production of Turandot
- Walk through the Forbidden City/Tienanmen Square
- Get an orchid to rebloom twice, on my own.
- Play Stravinsky's Firebird Suite (unabridged).
- Salsa in Miami.
- Stand in the middle of the pass at Thermopylae.
- Run multiple 5Ks.
- See the Summer Palace.
- Meet a famous Opera Singer (Placido Domingo!).
- Visit the graves of Queen Elizabeth I, Mary I, King Henry VIII, and Charles I.
- Go to D.C. and see all that great stuff (Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial, Washington Monument, etc…).
- Learn the family Kolachi recipe by heart.

- Publish a Book.
- Read the whole Bible.
- See the Dead Sea Scrolls.
- Read the Koran.
- Eat Peking Duck, in Beijing.
- Raise a dog from puppyhood.
- Have a role in a fully staged opera.
- Attend a service in St. Basil's Cathedral.
- See the Kremlin.
- See an opera at the Met.
- Visit Portland, Oregon.
- See Mt. Rushmore.
- Ride a Horse.
- Ride an Elephant.
- Get my Ph.D.

And that's about all I can think of for now. I'm positive I'm missing a whole bunch of historical sites. When they come to me, I'll add them!

What's on your bucket list?



zcrescendo said...

Interesting that you mention the Dead Sea scrolls - I've actually done that too! Much to my surprise, a museum in Jordan I visited had fragments of them on display. Seems like Amman would be a good base for about a third of your list.

Timiae said...

Great list! I'll have to do a post with my bucket list on it...

lara griffiths said...

wow- a lot of good stuff on there! thinking about the sushi.....