24 March 2009

Listen to this...

Not much to say right now. I'll have some things to share with you guys in a few days (more pysanky and possibly some knitting as well!), but right now I'm preparing myself for a hell of a midterm coming up on Wednesday.

So in the meantime, listen to this. It will make you cry (in a wonderful way). I want to learn this aria SO BADLY. I couldn't find the music for the longest time without sucking it up and buying the vocal score (which I suppose wouldn't have been such a terrible thing). I won an eBay auction for some aria books from the 1920's a while ago, and wonder of wonders, the aria is there. Now my only road block is figuring out how to photocopy the music (so I can use and write on it) without compromising the structural integrity of the old books (they're paperback and kind of crumbly).

Oh, well, and that gaping inadequacy complex that I keep exacerbating by listening to this over and over again may get in my way a little bit too.

Enjoy! =D



Amanda said...

Aaah, Dame Kiri, glorious! Good luck with your mid-terms.

zcrescendo said...

Wow! I know next to nothing about opera, but that definitely is a stunning piece.

I think anybody would feel a bit in awe when listening to one of the most renowned lyric sopranos in the world, but I hardly think you should have any inferiority issues.

As far as photocopying, I guess you could always manually copy it to Finale, but that would probably take weeks. There's also the chance of taking a photo and enlarging it, but I've never seen photo paper that you'd be able to write on or that wouldn't be awkward to work with.

lara griffiths said...

hope today went well! best of luck!