31 March 2009

More eggs, and a bad decision...

And here, my friends is that egg that I spent 7+ hours on that I showed you with all the wax on it last post. My crowning glory egg, all polyurethane covered, just waiting to be blown out. It's not perfect... my lines are still not straight and even as they should be, and I can't seem to get a line thin enough to really make that detail work pop, but I'm not dwelling on it. I'm proud of this egg as is.

This next one isn't too shabby either. The non-orange leaves are supposed to be green, but they came out almost black because I messed up the dye order.

That's okay though. I still like it. My lines on this one are a little more consistent, and I finally got the hang of the wave motif.

Now, this next one is quite a bit less traditional color-wise. I'm planning to give this one to my college room mate, who's favorite color is hot pink.

I like the color scheme so much, I may make myself one too!

In other, non-egg news, I'm working on some book reviews for you guys. I know I've been saying this for more than a year now, but I actually got my tush in gear and started writing them. My first one is done, on Kathy Reich's first novel, Deja Dead. Expect that later in the week. These reviews aren't going to be anything formal, just a quick little write up on what I think. My reading tastes are pretty diverse, the only thing I don't read really being romances, so hopefully someone will get some book suggestions out of this!

Oh, and I did something stupid after my midterm on Wednesday. The test went alright, but certainly not as well as I had hoped. The last few questions, we hadn't even covered in class, so afterwards, I was really stressing out about them. If she doesn't count them since we didn't get there, then I'll be fine. But if they're counted, then I'm screwed. So I was pretty anxious after I got back from the exam, and I made a bad decision. I went on eBay, and I bid on nine skeins of Cascade Sierra Quatro that I have no use for. I did get a great deal on it, getting all nine skeins for just about 20 bucks with shipping, but... I broke my Lenten promise of abstaining from yarn purchases. I'm pretty disappointed in myself. First year in a long time that I actually give up something for lent, and there that goes, down the drain.

But since I did... any suggestions for this yarny goodness?



Iron Needles said...


Just kidding! For a long time after I was out of school, mid-term and final time would roll around, and all I could think of was 'I am so glad I am not there anymore'.

That is some luscious yarn at a good price. Ebay is my scourge.

adrienne said...

I love the eggs, they look awesome!

No suggestions for the yarn, but I totally understand... I didn't give up yarn/fibre for Lent, but have been trying to buy less. And after a few days off sick, I had 3 bundles of fibre heading my way... I hope you did well on your midterm!

Timiae said...

Gorgeous eggs! I love them and am sure the lucky recipients will too.

Ugh, I am feeling the school stress right now also. We're past midterms, but it's that time right before finals when profs are fitting in all the papers and tests they can! I've had 2 this week already and a huge paper for tomorrow...

Yarn... my first browses through Ravelry are always for bags, raglans, and blankets.

zcrescendo said...

Considering that "bad decision" for most people our age involves getting wasted and/or seriously injured on a Saturday night, I'd say you're probably fine. (You can tell from my recent blog entry how poorly my Lenten fast from chocolate is going.)

As for the eggs, I'd say "not too shabby" is being a bit modest. I can't believe it didn't take you weeks to do that. Wow!

* said...

Those eggs are really amazing!