11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays, mainly because, like Christmas, we got two of them! As I've mentioned before, my family is Russian Orthodox, and the orthodox church is still using the "old" calender.

So, where exactly does the "two holiday" thing come into play? Well, my Mom's half of the family is Ukrainian Catholic. Which, for all intents and purposes is Orthodoxy, only under the pope and on the new calender. My dad's side of the family is actually where the Russian Orthodoxy comes from. As a result, not only do we get to celebrate two Easters, and two Christmases, but it also made Easter dinners infinitely easier for my parents, as there was no worry about getting to two dinners in one day.

Well, except for every fourth year when the two Easters match up. But still, one out of every four is a pretty good deal when it comes to scheduling problems. The only issue other than that that ever surfaced was back when my Dad would fast for the entirety of Lent (meaning the Orthodox Lent). The Catholic Easter dinner would always be sort of a bummer for him when it occurred before the Orthodox Easter. But my grandmother always made sure to have some (really good) fish on hand for him as well! (Things like that make me realize how lucky and glad I am that the two sides of my family get along. I can only hope when I eventually find the guy and take the plunge that his family gets along with mine as well as my father's family gets along with my mother's.)

Anyway, on to the crafts. I bought this wonderful yarn off of eBay, and I think I'm going to use it to make my first shawl. I'm thinking the Heartland Lace Shawl would look very nice knitted up in this. It is technically sock yarn, and I bought my first bunch back when I grabbed my first set of sock needles (which I have yet to try out) with the intentions of turning it into socks. When it came (a set of 3 skeins), I decided it was a tad too scratchy to use as socks. I think my feet are just too sensitive for 100% wool of any kind. So I promptly ordered another three pack, and started looking for a shawl pattern.

I am now re-thinking my "too scratchy" decision. It definitely will not take nearly all this yarn to make a shawl (I don't think anyway), so if I have enough left, I might still try to glean a pair of socks out of it. We'll see though.

As far as my bed spread goes, I've spent the last few days wrestling with pins and my iron getting the squares blocked out. It's been quite a challenge as well as a learning experience for me about my crochet technique. As I did more and more squares, my gauge simply got tighter and tighter, and the squares got smaller and smaller. So I've had to have some pretty serious combat with some of the squares in order to get them blocked to the intended size of a square foot. The moral of the story? Well, I need to keep track of my gauge better over the course of large projects. I'm hoping to have the whole thing seamed together, edged, and washed by next Sunday (Orthodox Easter).

Also, I finally got around to ordering the Knitpicks Ball Winder that I've had my eye on ever since I bought those nine skeins of Cascade Sierra Quatro and realized that I couldn't just knit from the hank. It came in yesterday, and I am loving it. I had a bit of trouble at first. It took me about two hours and a ravelry inquiry to figure out how the clamp attached. I guess nothing is idiot proof.

But now that I got over my mental roadblocks, it's up, running, and delightful.

Oh, and in honor of Easter....


Hippitus, Hoppitus, Deus Domine!

(P.S. Props to anyone who gets that last reference!)


imperfectepoch said...

I really hope that's a South Park reference or else I'm making myself look like a fool.

adrienne said...

I had to google it, but highly amused!

The yarn is gorgeous, it will make a lovely shawl.

Happy Easter!

lara griffiths said...

me LIKE your bunnies!

zcrescendo said...

Haha, South Park making Easter more special - who'da thunk? But iepoch is a fool anyway. =P

I'm glad I get "two" Easters this year, because my first one sucked. (You'll hear more soon.)

Neat bunnies!

DrChopSuey said...

hehe, South Park is great huh?!

Cool bunnies!

Timiae said...

Oh, Southpark is the greatest show EVER. (ok, maybe not entirely sure, but it's up there).

Love the bunnies and the yarn is great! It would probably soften with washing... I hope you do have enough leftover for a pair of socks.

Lupie said...

Working now.
The bunnies are very sweet!
I have both a winder and a swift. My two daughter and I use them so it was well worth the cost.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the flowers.
We need to see that Spring is on the way.