29 April 2009

My camera is back!

I know I promised an update on the sock and pictures of that super freaking awesome silk yarn, but due to school work and other forces, that will have to wait. For now though, photos from Orthodox Easter, and the annual hike back "the fields" behind my grandmother's house that my brother, my cousin, my aunt, and I take every year to explore. When my dad was growing up, they actually were fields, with greenery, trees, ponds, and streams, with the railroad tracks cutting through it all.

Now, warehouses have moved in, and the ponds have dried up. It still gets green come summertime, thanks to a metric shit ton of Americanized bamboo and the trees that are still left, but it's no longer the endless natural playground it was for my Dad's childhood.

BUT, that's not to say it's not still filled with neat stuff. Including a huge, man-made mountain of boulders. We don't know what it's from... possibly the refuse from excavating a mine, considering the area. But regardless of how or why it's there, the fact remains that it's cool. If I had to guesstimate, it's probably about 50 feet high, and the mostly flat top is probably 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Being the reckless hooligans we are, we climb it every year, and we try to take the steepest (while still being safe) slope we can.

My aunt's dog, Heidi, came with us. She's such a well behaved dog. Sticks right nearby my Aunt at all times, listens when told "don't go there," and all without a leash. If our pups had been with us? Disaster would have ensued. She's just too distractable, unlike the elegant and obedient Heidi. Heidi also must be part mountain goat, because she scales the rock mountain right along with us, hopping gracefully from rock to rock, without a single misstep, and in a fraction of the time it takes us. It's just *hop* *hop* *hop* *hop* and she's at the top staring down at us with her head cocked as if to say, "Lets go, you slowpokes! What's taking you so long?"

We do this hike twice a year: Orthodox Easter, and then Thanksgiving. Hopefully this year's Thanksgiving will still be warm enough that there'll be some green left, so you all can see that it's not really a barren, rocky wasteland ALL year. Even when it is barren, I still think it's beautiful in its own strange way.

In less cheerful news, I did not get that job I interviewed for last week. So I'm kind of dropping back and punting now, in addition to being swamped with schoolwork. PLUS, I'm sore everywhere because Rusalka took me down like a linebacker the other day when we were running around outside. REALLY FUNNY, actually. We were sprinting around the yard, when I turned a corner and stopped. She turned the corner, missed me, and then my brother startled her and she did and about-face. Instead of looking in front of her at where she was going, she continued to look at my brother, and ran right into me, totally knocking my legs right out from under me at like a right angle. I don't know if I'm sore from the impact, or from laughing so hard after it. Could be both, really.

Anyway, off to put another Thermacare pad on my lower back and get some more of my papers done.



zcrescendo said...

Ouch! Having felt the "Power of 'Salka," I'm not sure I would have weathered that storm as well as you did!

Sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I'm sure you'll have plenty of great opportunities coming down the pike.

Nice hike pics!

Megan said...

Hope you get better soon!

Sorry to hear about the job- hopefully something even better will come along to make you glad you didn't get it!

Lovely pictures! I love the one of your? feet.

lara griffiths said...

working is over rated and takes away from family and yarn. (although the job thing helps with the yarn purchases)

glad to see you have your camera back!

JavaTwist said...

That flower pic is gorgeous!