06 April 2009

Not bad after twenty+ years...

Since my mom and I started making pysanky, my aunt wanted to learn, and teaching her got my grandmother picking up the kistky again. Her eggs are certainly nothing to sneer at after not making any for over twenty, maybe even thirty years.

And every egg she makes gets better and better.

This one's my favorite so far.

I stopped up her house the other day, and instead of going on our weekly errand trip (she doesn't drive, so I stop up once a week and we go shopping for whatever she needs), we stayed in and she bestowed on me her egg designing knowledge.

It was also my first time using a traditional kistka. My mom and I always used delrin kistky, which are I guess a more "modern" tool.

It took me a while to get used to the angle the kistka needs to be held at, since the delrin kistky have angled heads, while the traditional ones don't. So my lines are pretty shaky.

But over all, I like it. Especially the bottom.

I think this is going to be the last of the eggs for a few days, as I've been swamped with other stuff. I'll have the book review posted later in the week, along with an update on my granny squares. I think I'm done making the squares, so all that's left now is blocking (or rather, killing because of the acrylic thing), seaming and edging!



lara griffiths said...

you are very talented!

i am envious.

adrienne said...

They're gorgeous! It's so awesome that your family still makes pysanky.

Iron Needles said...

That is so cool to have the intergenerational thing going on with this. Relish the memories!

Iron Needles said...

PS The eggs are really awesome, too!

Hissy Stitch said...

Yow! Ukranian eggs are so gorgeous!

amishsunshine said...

Beautiful! My fam is doing these eggs today as well.