09 May 2009

A long over due WIP update...

Well, spring has finally sprung here in the northeast. It certainly took long enough, but the grass is finally green, and the flowers are finally blooming.

With the emergence of spring, my life has gradually been thrown into chaos, and the new job teaching 5th grade band and orchestra only served to complicate things further. I don't do well with major schedule change, so it's taken about a week to develop a new routine and get my sleep schedule adjusted to waking up two hours earlier every day.

On top of the regular schedule change, it is also concert season and finals time. In the next week and two days, I have three major concerts (on cello, french horn, and voice), five nights of dress rehearsals, one huge ass paper on racism in early jazz, one smaller but still pretty long reflection paper on the semester reading, one last book discussion on The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman (which is 500 pages long... I'm only on page 150 at the moment), and two finals. In addition, mother's day is tomorrow, so I won't be getting much done until Monday as I plan and participate in those festivities. So wish me luck everyone, as the next weeks are going to be long, and busy.

But despite the chaos, I did get some stuff done! The insomnia that plagued me as my sleep schedule fought the adjustments let me get quite a bit done on my very first sock! The heel is turned, and I'm almost ready to start the toe.

It is a short row heel, and I definitely did not make it deep enough, so the ankle will end up hitting almost to the sole of my foot, but that's not a big deal. It's my first sock, after all. The ankle of the sock, in addition, is a bit tight. Not once I put it on my foot, but getting it over my heel is a bit of a wrestling match. I think I was just so worried as I started with the DPNs that the stitches would fall off that I began knitting WAY WAY too tight.

But regardless of its shortcomings, I'm really proud of this little thing. I am officially a sock knitter, and I suspect that this will only lead to more and more. I can certainly see that it's going to be addicting.

Also, I started a super secret graduation present for my college roommate that will be monopolizing my crafty time (what little I have) for the next week or so. I'm not going to tell what it is, or list it on ravelry, for fear that she find it. I'm pretty sure she doesn't follow on here, but you know, just in case. However, I will give a preview. It's going to be rediculously awesome. I promise.



zcrescendo said...

Good luck with all that. If you can believe me, I'd rather have your schedule (minus the teaching) than mine, since I have no music at all, even stressful dress rehearsals, to help me deal with my work. I'm eager to hear how all the concerts go.

The sock is looking great!

Amanda said...

Whew! Deep breath now and stay strong! I hope you get through all your planned activities with ease. The sock is looking great.

adrienne said...

Good luck with everything!

I love the colourway of the sock - what type of yarn is it? And the roomie project is awesome too! The colours remind me of Neopolitan ice cream!

petrina said...

can't wait to see your roomie priject- what yarn/colourway(s) is it? The colours are really pretty and spring-y :)

lara griffiths said...

your socks rock.

Timiae said...

Boy, am I glad I'm not you right now! I had the week from Hell at the end of this past semester and am sooo glad to be finished with all that!

Congrats on the sock! I love it.