04 May 2009

Musical Monday, and Lunaticraft: THE 100th POST!

Oh my, I totally almost missed posting my Musical Monday (or Music to Knit By) video of the week! Life around here has been past hectic. Concert season is in full swing, all my papers and stuff are coming due, and I had a job come up (under unfortunate circumstances). I'm working as a 5th grade band/orchestra teacher at the middle school I attended until the end of the school year. While I'm grateful for the job, I am not for the circumstances under which I was offered it. The regular 5th grade music teacher has something called Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is an auto-immune issue that has paralyzed her. She will regain movement, but it's going to be a long and painful process, so please, everyone keep her in your thoughts (and prayers if you're the prayin' type).

So anyway, I've been so busy and running from place to place, that I almost totally missed Musical Monday. In addition? This is my 100th post. I had been hoping to do something special, but I guess Bernstein will just have to do (although, maybe this really is special. The dude was a freaking genius).

This week, we're switching from vocal music to orchestra music. This is the fourth movement of Shostakovich's 5th Symphony, as conducted by Leonard Bernstein. This movement is possibly one of my very favorite orchestral works both to play and to listen to.

Very powerful, very bombastic, very Russian. It's great music to clean to, or work out to, or write a really hard paper to. Hell, you could be grooming fluffy pink kittens with brushes made of teddy bears and love, and when you put this on as background music? Both you and the pink kittens will immediately feel TOTALLY BAD ASS.

So, without further delay, Lunaticraft presents.... Shostskovich 5 Mvt. 4!



Tekgirl said...

Awesome- just the thing to get me going in the mornings :)

zcrescendo said...

Shostakovich is perhaps the epitome of bad ass. (Though I'm not a string person per se, possibly the most amazing musical experience of my life was hearing a wild and crazy solo Shostakovich concerto on cello.)

I love Bernstein's conducting style.

adrienne said...

I love Musical Mondays, it's so awesome! This piece was fantastic, and last week's was just beautiful.

JavaTwist said...

Happy 100th Postiversary!

Timiae said...

I love your Musical Mondays! This *is* special... amazing talent.

Congats on the job, even though it's sad about the original teacher.

DrChopSuey said...

Happy 100th post-day! (yes I am catching up with all of your posts right now!) :)