20 June 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

The rain here has been oppressive and persistent, all week. It's either pouring down in driving torrents, or raining just hard enough to make going out and running a problem. All the plans and goals I had made for this past week were ruined by our dear Mother Nature.

All I wanted was to spend the week in this routine: Get up at around nine, putter around, have coffee, catch up on Internet and paperwork until 10:30 - 11:00. Then, at 11:00, I was supposed to clip on my cute new iPod shuffle (in lime green!) that my Aunt got me for my birthday (I told her specifically, no more purses, as she's the main fuel at the fire of my insane purse collection), strap on my cute pink and black running sneakers, and get a move on it! I was aiming to run at least a combined total of a mile and a half a day during a hopefully 3+ mile walk/run. Eventually my goal is to gradually increase the amount of time running vs. walking and do a whole 5K running every other day. You know, since I'm signed up for all those 5Ks in the coming months and all. Also since my summer clothes are all two sizes smaller than I currently am and I won't have the money to replace them all until I start subbing in the fall again. By then, my casual summer clothes are no longer relevant.

Anyway, after the run, I was supposed to hop in the pool for a while, cool off a bit, then spend some time on our cozy little deck, reading, getting some color, pondering my potential thesis topics and the mysteries of the universe, before heading inside to go about my business.

But no. Mother Nature had other plans. So, as a result, I spent the week going stir crazy in the house, and trying to replace running with time on our old, squeaky stepper in our basement which is currently penned in by all my crap from college. A poor replacement for the brisk open air. Or even for a fully functioning stepper, really.

I do realize how petty and bratty this sounds in the grand scheme of things, though, so I just need to remind myself that there's plenty worse out there than rain.

Oddly enough, being trapped in the house actually meant I was less productive than I would have been otherwise. I don't know why that is, but it was true. Barely got any reading done. Spent too much time teaching myself to play the opening riff to the Beatles' Blackbird on guitar for no reason (I am NOT a guitar player). Watched too much T.V.. Complained a lot... You know, all the spring fever-y stuff that I should have grown out of years ago.

I did finally get my room finished, and I did cast on for a new project... the Swallowtail Shawl using that beautiful purple pink and blue sock yarn (that is currently my header!). So far, so good, though two things have become clear to me: first, that this is going to need some serious blocking. It'll be my first project with REAL blocking, as the yarn is 100% wool, not the acrylic I've "blocked" so far.

The second realization this project has allowed me to make is that I cannot work on lace projects while the TV is on. Or while my brother is practicing his trumpet (which is always). Or while someone is on the phone in our teeny house. Or while the dog is barking at nothing (which is almost always). Or really, while any possible auditory distraction exists in the house. Those noises that I'm usually SO GOOD at blocking out (ex. I can watch TV while my brother practices trumpet on the couch next to me without a problem), suddenly become massive issues when I'm trying to follow the pattern of YO, k2tog, ssk, etc... I think I'm just too new to lace knitting to be able to do it in anything but silence.

So, as a result, in my house? The house of perpetual noise making? It's slow going. Much like we could never have birds because of the noise level, neither can I continue work on a lace project for more than five minutes. Although in my case, luckily, the result is not death.

At some point in the next few days, I will have instructions on how to build a K'nex swift up. I have finished the diagrams, but sadly, they look like they were drawn by a second-grader. So I'm going to try to use some of this rain-induced quarantine to build another and take step-by-by step photos of the process. Also, maybe I'll be able to finally finish up my poor, forgotten bedspread.

Maybe the rain isn't really all that bad. I just have to get my ass in gear!



Mountain Mama said...

I have a poor, never used guitar in my home and I was just thinking about trying to teach myself something.

I have been housebound by the rain too, with kiddos! Maybe I'll try to get them to play guitar.

Can't wait to watch Swallowtail progress.

PS: My HS mascot: Golddigger Gus. I kid you not.

zcrescendo said...

I've also been sidelined by the rain, although I've had work three days a week to help (yeah, big help!). If it makes you feel any better, my productivity has been far less than yours all week. As far as getting one's ass in gear, my ass seems to have just one speed ("dormant") at the moment.

Iron Needles said...

Excellent swift making, by the way. We have been having coolish weather and rain like crazy, but everything is so green here. Better than the alternative, and it holds off the wildfire season. Does make one wonder where summer is....

Amanda said...

Soon you are going to experience the magic of "real" lace blocking. When knitting lace I sing the pattern in my head - amazing what you can block out then. Love the look of your deck. Oh, and you are welcome to send all that rain my way!

adrienne said...

Oooh, that's going to be a pretty Swallowtail! Lace is so much fun :)

(and this might be a bit crazy, but I love running in the rain. it's so refreshing)

Lupie said...

I am also done with the rain!
What are you thinking "no more purses"!!!!!!
Also anything having to do with the Beatles White Album is all good!

DrChopSuey said...

I hear ya about that rain. I couldn't run AGAIN this morning because of the thunder and lighting! 5K's huh? Hmmm... as usual you are motivating me!!!

I can't wait to see more of that lace project... it's going to be beautiful!

Megan said...

The best laid plans...

I hear you though. Nothing but rain here too. Something about being stuck indoors means I get nothing done either. I can't even drag myself to the gym where the weather is irrelevant. I think the weather is affecting everyone's mood.