14 September 2009

Of work and bad decisions...

Well, it seems as if all I do on this blog anymore is apologize for not posting more. If it's any consolation, it's not just here where I've fallen behind though. I'm dreadfully behind on keeping up with my own blog watch list, and I've had a list for the Lesser Known Skeins website one update away from finished and posted for weeks now. I'm at least 300 pages behind where I should be in my reading for school, as well as about two weeks behind where I had hoped to be by now with my thesis research. All this, and we're only on week three of the semester.

But I'm certainly not about to blame the big bad world for tripping me up. The responsibility falls solely on myself. I've been making some pretty poor decisions about my time, allowing myself to get easily distracted. Excitement over the start of the new television seasons allowed me to divert myself with "catching up" with my favorite shows in preparation for the season premieres. And the biggest time suck has come in the form of the political wank that has been popping up EVERYWHERE. I allowed myself to get addicted to reading about and watching it all. A bad idea. And a major time suck.

So, I'm taking a week long hiatus from news. Hopefully that will allow me to get caught up. Blogroll tonight and tomorrow morning, reading this afternoon and all tomorrow morning and afternoon. Concert Wednesday, so nada happening there, but I suspect that Thursday morning I will be in less than great shape, so I'll watch the videos I have to for class, and then hopefully deal with the Lesser Known Skeins list and get that last update done and everything posted.

Hopefully that will get that terrible feeling of being behind to go away. It stems mostly from my thesis work, but maybe getting these smaller, more fun things finished, it will alleviate the feeling a bit.

But for now, I suppose, it is a Monday, so I bring an offering of Musical Monday.

This is an aria/chorus from Bernstein's Candide (you can tell I'm of an opera background, as I firmly consider it an operetta, while many classify it as a musical. Blasphemy, I say. Blasphemy.). It is not one of the most popular selections from the work, the most referenced being "Make Our Garden Grow" and the "Overture" along with "Life is Happiness Indeed." However, this one is certainly my favorite.

So without further ado, Lunaticraft's Musical Mondays brings to you, "I Am Easily Assimilated!" by Leonard Bernstein, sung by Christa Ludwig. Enjoy!



zcrescendo said...

If you can figure out a way to make the persistent "I'm behind! AHHH!!" feeling go away, please fill me in, because I've never been able to shake it.

Nice selection. I've never heard anything from Candide beyond "Make our Garden Grow" (thanks to one of your summer colleagues, actually, who conducted it at a festival). This one is much more fun, and not unusual out of context.

It's also better than Beyonce. I think Kanye would agree....

zcrescendo said...

By the way, nice use of the word "wank." You just don't hear that one enough.

Lupie said...

We all have times like these.
Thank you so much for helping with the Lesser Known Skeins because my daughter is over her head with work.
Thanks for the music! I needed it.

lara griffiths said...

hopelessly overcommitted.... if to sleep or not to sleep could be a option!

you sound like you are committed to some pretty cool things if it lessens your guilt any.