27 October 2009


Well, crying disaster considering all else that is going on in the world may be a little melodramatic... and ridiculous... and downright hyperbolic... so...


I don't have a ton of time, and no pictures, so I'm just going to share with you an old fashioned list, in no particular order, and all kind of scattery sounding. (I'll include a Too Long: Didn't Read synopsis after each one, as these are bound not to be my best writing ever.)

Ah, lists. I love them.

1) My RSS feeder exploded. Or rather, totally reset itself to factory (or more likely programmer's basement) defaults. So I lost my entire blogroll and am going to have to go through and reassemble it through the LKS site. Luckily I have all the lists at my disposal, so as I go through and update the LKS blog (which will happen very soon), I will gradually cobble my blogroll back together. TL:DR - RSS feeder = kaput. Will get back to blogroll soon.

2) I think I have been doing my YOs backwards. I'll have pictures and details, and more information on that coming up soon. I popped into an LYS outside of Scranton looking for blocking wires last week, and in the course of talking the lovely shop owner was very helpful and comforting, so as soon as I have time I'm going to pop back in and hopefully figure out why my YOs look funny when spread. Not to mention walk out with way more yarn than I can currently afford, I'm sure (MY GOODNESS there was beautiful yarn everywhere... I'm SO GLAD I now know of an LYS within reachable distance, and especially with such a welcoming atmosphere... now just to find the time to get there). TL:DR - Might have to frog swallowtail, might not. And the Summit Yarn Studio is beyond awesome.

3) I finally figured out why I was not being called in as a substitute teacher, and over the course of a few days finally got that worked out. Which is actually very good, because while I was enjoying the extra time for schoolwork, my bank account was not doing so hot on gigging alone. However, this now leaves far less (or rather NO) time for me to get my shit done during the days when I have rehearsals and classes every night. So that's where the minor inconvenience part comes in. TL:DR - I am now gainfully employed. Sort of. As a result, schoolwork just became quite a bit harder.

4) I've been at all out war with my sinuses for about three whole weeks now. I developed my seasonal sinus infection about two and a half weeks ago. Now, I get these things three or four times a year. Me and seasonal sinus problems are old, intimate friends, and when she comes to visit, we just go everywhere together, no problem (and yes, my sinus infections are gendered, apparently). But this time, she turned on me. Stabbed that knife right in my back. I went on like nothing was different, as I usually do, but apparently this time she wanted more attention and fought back in the form of debilitating fatigue. I kept powering through, but she ran a blitzkrieg on my voice, stripping it away and leaving raw, irritated tissue in its place. Damage control was the name of the game at this point, with General Tea with Lemon, Commander Honey Water, and Special Ops Force Vitamin C leading the way. But then came the final blow... the cough made a surprise attack and the win went to the sinus infection. So two and a half weeks later and I'm finally finishing the clean up and getting better TL:DR - I've been sick. Rather sick, but I'm finally getting over it. Also, I'm terrible at making (somewhat inappropriate) military metaphors and probably should never attempt to do so again.

Other points of possible interest:

  • I am now on twitter! follow me @lunaticraft. Still pretty new to the whole thing, so lets see how this goes.

  • It's almost pumpkin pie time! I'm hopefully going to get some awesome pie pumpkins on Friday when I skip up to the Farmer's market after my class.

  • Paper season is quickly approaching. I'm going to try to stay ahead of the game this semester. For real this time. I've only got two big ones, so it should be a tad easier.

    Aaaannnnndddd.... That's about all I have for now.


    p.s. - Sorry for the scatteriness of this, and the lack of pictures. It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks.

    zcrescendo said...

    Gainful employment = good
    Lots more work = you can handle it
    RSS Feed = Don't forget about zcrescendo!
    Pumpkin pie = I'm sure you make killer pumpkin pie, but keep it away from me because I just lost five pounds!
    Sinus infection = bad - I usually have that, too, although I've been monumentally lucky the last two years
    Twitter = eh, in general
    Papers = My problem as well
    Why my list = Your guess is as good as mine

    Lupie said...

    substitute teacher
    Some advice from a teacher of 36 years
    Get some materials to be ready for any class that has no plan ready for you.
    If there are plans follow them to a Tee.
    Keep the class under control and let them know you are not a sub that is going to sit and read the news paper.
    Try to start with something fun you will get them on your side.
    Go to a teachers store to find books just for subs.
    Don't let the kids see you're not sure of yourself.
    Don't let them tell you what has to be done. Even if there are no clear plans, this is when our acting skills come in!
    Don't give the kids any extra work or look around the room for what you would like to do with them.
    This makes teachers crazy!
    Don't let them take anything home. Collect all work, even the work you may have given, and leave it for the teacher.
    At the end of the day leave the teacher a note to let her/him know how things went. If you work in that school again stop by and tell the teacher you enjoyed working in her/his class.
    Teachers can make a difference if subs work or not.
    A good word from a teacher can get you a full time job.
    Sorry for the long comment but I hope it helps.

    Amanda said...

    Keep up the battle against that sinus infection - definitely time to make it clear she is most unwelcome. Good luck with the papers (helps to give procrastination a nice long holiday ;) ).

    Abbey said...

    Hang in there, all this too shall pass!! But be sure to keep us posted, I curious to find out about your YO's.

    adrienne said...

    Oh wow, lots of stuff!

    I hope you're feeling better soon! I'm glad you sorted out that work thing.... Knitting is awesome, and I bet blocking will sort out your Swallowtail just fine.