30 December 2009

The Obligitory New Years Post

The New Years Resolution is an odd creature. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing else that can, simultaneously, generate such attraction and such repulsion from me. Nothing else that I start out so excited and exuberant about only to regret it later.

Well, I guess tequila fits that bill pretty well too.

... And bathing suit shopping. And starting a new exercise routine. And watching anything Adam Sandler has recently been in. And... well, okay, I guess there are a lot of things that meet such qualifications. However, resolutions are the subject of this post, so lets stay on topic.

Last year, just like the year before, my resolutions never came to fruition. They were ridiculously unattainable, and I was in denial of that fact (I mean, really. Learn to figure skate? What was I thinking?).

So, this year, I'm not making resolutions. None. Zip. Zero. Nadda. No resolutions. Instead, I am merely using the second of the year as the start date for some short term goals. Not year long, nebulous and all encompassing goals. Short term, very specific goals with an equally specific end date. Also, a very specific reward will be included at the completion of each goal.

So let's run down the first goal set, shall we?

Lunaticraft's Short Term Goals/Rewards

  • Run the Scranton Pre-St. Paddys Day parade race. (Not quite a 5k) Reward: Post-Race Parade Day Debauchery.

  • Send out resumes for adjunct teaching positions by the end of February. Reward: Ebay purchase of season 4 of CSI: NY.

  • Purge stash of erroneous, purposeless skeins of acrylic by the end of January with charity knitting, and afghan finishing. Donate what's left to the Salvi. Reward: $50-$100 LYS shopping day (amount depends on finance situation, which in turn depends on frequency of substitute calls).

  • Purge fabric stash as well by end of January. Donate what I will not use. Reward: Season 1 of CSI: NY (If can be found on Ebay for less than $20)

  • Do not sleep past 9:45 am from January 3rd to January 31. Even on weekends. Reward: spend a weekend reading a non-school related, total guilty pleasure chicklit book.

  • Finish still open research project by Jan. 12th. Reward: CSI/Knitting marathon.

  • And for now, that's all. When one goal is complete, I will then insert another goal in its place, and hopefully 2010 will be a much more productive year than 2009!

    Hope everyone had a Happy New Year, and here's to an even better 2010!



    zcrescendo said...

    I think your goals plan is a great idea. I might start doing monthly or bimonthly goals myself. I have to find a way to get the rewards thing to work for me, too.

    Amanda said...

    Sounds impressive - good luck!

    Iron Needles said...

    I like linking up goals with rewards. Maybe I should consider that. Hmmmm...

    adrienne said...

    Short term plans are a great idea :) And your dog is soooo cute.

    DrChopSuey said...

    I like how you have goals and rewards and I like how you have set deadlines and realistic ones at that. I may have to use you as my inspiration and motivator and make up my own goals for this semester!